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Bertie hears about a COUGAR CONVENTION and registers for it hoping to run into some good looking older woman. And he meets Wendy and falls in love with her...... Read More
Part one. About a Young and homeless man named Rick. Roaming in a different city searching for nothing but food and cigarette. Read More
3DS MAX 7 Notes About 3ds max 7 Features ACTIVESHADE • Using Raytrace materials can cause the ActiveShade window to lose focus, activating the main UI keyboard shortcuts. Click the ActiveShade window to reactivate ActiveShade keyboard shortcuts. ASSET BROWSER • Scene XRef drag and drop of files with scripts that… Read More

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Hmm, after seeing recent events, my only concern turns to the one who made us, God. So whatever appeared in my heart i put it down to words. Hope you enjoy it :) Read More

Poem / Poetry

June 17, 2011

A poem about the comparison of my metaphors and imagery to 3D technology. :) Read More
Say hello to Jennifer, Jake and Jessie! They are your typical 'kids next door' but with an extraordinary talent for building the most incredible robots. The trouble is, they have run afoul of Corporate giant Robo-Con and its ambitious and evil CEO Mr. Tolliver—who wants to take the 3J Robotics’… Read More
Tech Talk Column - An interesting look at the possibility of 3D Monitors replacing the traditional form of 3D glasses in 3D movies and television. Read More
Local artists-their diffrences in art-and how both are amazing. Read More

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