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tori has a great history and even greater heroes to defend itself from the brink of destruction, these heroes are sent to the past to stop the event from happening. the main evil is the one who is called the halfling who has been munipulating events since the dawn of… Read More

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This is something important that happened to me... its kind of hard to explain unless you read it... (if you dont get some of the references just google them) Read More
this iz a book about dragons. its about the new dragon ruler. but who will it be. plz comment + rate ASAP PLZ!!! Read More

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March 21, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

This is all about dragons, and their different elements. Can you guess the elements? Read More
Spring is 3 weeks late here. memories hark back to'47 when it snowed here in the west of Ireland until April.That winter is spoken about still.It is feared as much as the Famine The latin title is to suggest - dressing up or as ''adornment'' of Spring. Read More
The Vampire Prophecies tells a exciting story about vampires who lived on earth eons ago. Read More
Spiritual Jews, 144,000, prepare for the End Times, receiving the Seal of the Living God, avoiding the Mark of the Beast. Read More
Desperation on January 14. © All rights reserved Read More
My most recent missive to the FOX Newschannel in exposing the duplicity of celebrity politicians and TV news people and the ways in which they manage to bilk a public which, for unknown reasons, continues to misplace it's trust in them. Will update this posting with whatever written or E-mailed… Read More
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