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Juggernut landed in Biloxi,MI, to attend a conference and hopinbg to get leads to get a job only to face serious disppointment when he met an old cquiantance Dr. Guthrie. Read More
A girl must overcome a challenge of a lifetime. But can she cross the canyon in time to save her friend Ander? I wrote this in 7th grade so it's not exactly my greatest writing piece ever, but it's pretty decent. I hope you enjoy reading my work :) Read More
Anthony Russel Fork is having a hard life in seventh grade. His teacher yells at him, his principal gives him detention everyday and his crush Samantha Woodson is moving! Anthony needs to find a way to get everything back to normal. Read More

Tags: romance, kids, grade, 7th

This guy and girl...well you get the point. :P Read More
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