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16-year-old Tom Niles - unfortunately dubbed “Tommy” by his siblings and everyone he hates - could not be more opposite his rich parents and well-behaved siblings, especially with his cynical worldview and unappreciated sarcasm. He doesn’t exactly rub off the right way on his kid brothers and sisters. This is… Read More

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November 12, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

How many stolen flowers does it take for you to face the reason for your recently repressed memories? How many instruments until your dead father-figure shakes your hand in congratulation? Read More
One night as I laid in bed after slaving away in the sun, I heard a beautiful voice. Read More
This is my entry for the JemCon fanfic contest for 2017, which resulted in my third consecutive win!!! This year's victory was especially meaningful, as it was written as a tribute to the late Chris Cornell, who passed away in May 2017. As Jem was to my childhood, Chris… Read More
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