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Aaliyah has had this experience before but will she get out the same way. This is a very very short thriller and I might continue later if enough people like and comment so. Signing Out, Jane Doe Read More
Berry is haunted, for killing Aaliyah Dana Haugton. he sold her sold for money and so he could be rich by building an occult in the music company. August 25, Aaliyah was murder by her uncle berry, just because we refuse to join an occult. Read More

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Meet Mason. Meet Aaliyah. He's the hottest guy in school. She's the new girl. He's falling for her. She's fell for him. He's an assasin. She's his next target. Read More
Aaliyah was abused by her own father but she refused to tell anyone about it. Something happened one night and she was saved by her best friend's brother, Cole. With uncertain feelings, they then discover surprises, dark secrets, suspicions, misunderstandings, heartbreaks, regrets, and love. Through the ups and downs of… Read More
Wrote just for fun! Read More
What do you do when your in love with someone who promises they love you back… but there with another person? That’s what Aaliyah asks herself everyday. Aaliyah is a naturally pretty girl, she doesn’t need make-up or skimpy clothes to make guys notice her, guys notice her for her… Read More
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