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Peter Marcus had the perfect life, away from his magic that he left behind. Then two girls showed up at his apartment in Queens, with his twin sister's key. The note Abby sent with them explained why the girls were there, and that Abby was never coming back. It's up… Read More

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Short Story / Horror

February 14, 2017

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An only child is forced to find companionship with her favorite doll, after a new baby is born and no one gives her the attention she seeks, what happens when this doll turns against her. Read More
Abby is back once again, only this time she and her five best friends are in middle school. Their excitement wanes when a bully begins to terrorize the group until a teenage wizard enters the picture. You will laugh when you read how noone messes with... Abby Diamond... Girl Detective Read More
Abby Diamond is all grown-up in this book (or is she?) She is a successful owner of her very own detective agency, however, someone close to her is trying to take everything from Abby- including her life. Hang on for this ride! Read More
Abby Diamond is a girl detective who happens to be blind. She, along with her five best friends solve the mysteries that surround them. Is the gang truly seeing ghosts of the past or is it simply, once again, the imagination of Abby Diamond... Girl Detective Who Happens to be… Read More
An entry for The Challenge Maker's 'Romance Challenge'. Read More
Abby Catillia was born to a tigress and a vampire but the only thing supernatural about her is her hair she can't seem to tame. Soon before her thirteenth birthday weird changes begin to happen to her and her bffs, will these changes work out for the best? Read More
The legitimate diary that traveled through my best friend and I's high school experience. Read More
The story of Abby Graystone, of her grief and insecurities, of the love of her life, of the loss she has endured, of her love for the wild forests. Read More

Book / Romance

August 28, 2012

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Lindsey and Sophie are twins, juniors in high school. Lindsey is the head cheerleader and well-known for her frequent change in boyfriends, while Sophie isn't noticed at all. Reid is next on Lindsey's boyfriend list, but he doesn't want to date her with her reputation being as it is. Abby… Read More
Mercy has always been different. And if you 'different' means being a loner and all that, your wrong. Mercy is an Angel...well, used to be. Mercy is now a Fallen, working for the Dark Ones. But she has chosen to be a Loner, pretending that she's normal, and trying to… Read More
Noah, 14 years old. Brandon 13 years old. Natalie 16 years old ( main person.) Abby 8 years old. Their childhood is ruined. Mum gets abused, and step dad is evil.. Life couldn't get better.. After mum passed away.. they don't think they cant handle it no more.. Read More

Book / Romance

April 10, 2012

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Demi grew-up hearing fairytales about a far away land, a much happier place. Abnormal People walking in shimmering fields of flowers and living in castles 20 stories high. How they lived and the different classes of Abby's, a word to describe the people, conversing among each other, sometimes even falling… Read More

Poem / True Confessions

February 17, 2012

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I saw a movie. I read a book. And this is how I feel. So naturally it will suck, but I have to get it off my chest. Read More

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Abby and Rose were shocked to wake up to darkness. A red mist had swallowed everything, except their house. Now, they had to save everyone in time, by bringing them in. But can they survive these toxic clouds and everything that comes with them? Read More

Short Story / Other

November 13, 2011

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After 16 year old Abby's mother leaves , will Abby be able to take care of her younger brothers while staying away from family and child services. Will her struggles last forever? Read More

Book / Romance

October 22, 2011

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Abigail Anderson is gorgeous. She has guys falling all over her because of her looks and her brains. But she could care less about any of those boys. Except one. Chase Daniels. Chase is the hottest, coolest, most popular guy in shcool. Abby doesn't think they would ever be able… Read More

Poem / Poetry

September 21, 2011

All about my dogs, Abby + Echo Read More

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Olivia Summers and Abby Johnson have been best friends since kindergarten. They'll tell each other everything. We'll almost everything. Little does Abby know, Olivia and Abby's brother, Travis have liked each other ever since they went to the Johnson's beach house in Cali. Two years later Abby, Olivia, and Travis… Read More

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All thirteen year old Abby Nicholson ever wanted was to have the life of a normal teenager. A life without leukemia. And as her last birthday is approaching, the doctors have released her from the safety of her hospital room, into the harsh world of middle school. By the end… Read More

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Abby lives in a post nuclear war world where society is slowly trying to rebuild. But when war threatens the small town that Abby lives in, she must go and fight. Join Abby on her adventure in the nuclear wasteland as she encounters love, hate, war, change, and romance. Read More

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WRONG ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITs the other one =} Read More
***I had to write this story for my year 10 bridging work*** Abby finds something strange in a new world after a difficult journey on a train :) Read More
Lucause was a normal teen going to High school but when he meets a girl named Abby he ends up in a wild adventure. See how Lucause learns that when Abby ain't a normal human as he thought means not to touch her book as well. High school is tough… Read More

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A birthday party goes horribly wrong when Abby encounters a Necromancer who is posing as a simple party magician. Read More

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my competition entry, for DarkShadows Competition. About a girl called Stephanie and her hatred of her twin sister. Read More

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If you have read Childhood Sweethearts, then You'll know.. But i sorta changed the names of Gelee and Jessica to Zhailex and Elixia// lol Read More
She was sitting alone in early September. As it all came back, She could now remember. Read More

Poem / Riddles

August 16, 2009

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To every Booksie Member, Reader or Writer. This ones for you. Read More
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