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Abraham is telling someone, in Rhyme, the difference between himself and "Sam I Am". Read More
Reports from the White house staff said that unknown objects somehow were being moved around the Lincoln bedroom. Lamps,and a TV appeared to be moved and then turned on. At first, they blamed Barbara Walters and her kleptomania. Babs claimed they were just souvenirs she bought at the gift shop,… Read More
I wrote this poem while under the influence, so it may be tricky to understand. But basically, it's about a princess from an alternate universe who hates her life, and because of her ungratefulness, a man shows her how well she has it by showing her the hell on a… Read More
Jossalynn’s family are Werewolves, she was born the Seventh Child. A Vampire. Her Father doesn’t want her in the family. He set her up and made her kill, he kicked her out of the family and made her fend for herself. Four-Hundred years later, she had promised that if she… Read More
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September 10, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

This story takes place during the year 1969. During this year, Stella and Abe will fall in love, plan a future, and then be forced to react as circumstances outside of their control try to tear them apart. This is for Matius' challenge and I was given the song 'Dock… Read More
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