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The Sincerely, Victoria Trilogy Book 1 Shifters, people who can “shift” into other animals are only found in myths and children’s stories. And, of course, in Elseriyel. Elseriyel shouldn’t exist, but it does. Cora Maydeen-Grey shouldn’t exist, but she does too. And, Finn Casters should be dead, but he’s very… Read More
Just as the sun sets over peaceful Tralee, shadows come out to haunt the streets, and people disappear without a trace... As Abigail & Alice, the Lurcher sisters, work their day shifts at the local bar, the Gypsy Tavern, darkness wonders the streets in search of its next target. Little… Read More

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~~Winner for Kyle Georgie Frydenlund's Writing Contest Music Style~~ Song: One Thing by One Direction Harry Davis is a sixteen-year-old jock. He's the king of cool unless he's around Abigail Myers. He's been crushing on her since God-knows-when for this one special reason that separates her from every other girl… Read More
This is a story about a man named Dick Roberts who narrorates his story by telling it to you audience. He befriends a man named Morgan Abigial and I will let you read the story for yourself. Read More
Abigail was just a regular girl, who did normal regular girl things. She lived in a small town and had a best friend she had known her whole life. Then weird things began happening to her, she saw things nobody else did... The forest nobody was allowed to go in… Read More

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July 27, 2011

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Taken to another world after thinking her parents died. A world where giant snakes are real, were-animals are too true, people fly, at a touch of a button you get a whole meal oh and those who brought her there believe she is part of a prophecy where she is… Read More

Book / Romance

June 27, 2011

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30 young girls are trying to win the heart of Britains most eligable bachelor William Scott. Girls to watch out for: Theres Sophia, the quite girl who has had a crush on William since she was 7. Abigail the girl who dispises the bachelor and was forced in to the… Read More
Kaylee Evens is a ordinary, teenage girl. She has never had a boyfriend or someone who loved her. She has always wished for a day when someone will come into her life and sweep her off her feet. When two new students come to the school, Kaylee's life is turned… Read More
A young girl named Abigail Elizabeth Hauthorne is the daughter of a ragged viking man who loves his wife and daughters very much. Abigail has three sisters Ivy, Evergreen, and Leevey. When new vikings raid their village they decide to stay. Sara Abigails best friend falls for one of the… Read More
18 year old Abigail Taylor loses the love of her life. Her jealous younger sister, Mable takes him away from her. She accidentally kills him. Abigail seeks comfort from her loss in a field of flowers where she meets an unexpected visitor Read More
I never could have thought my life could have gotton any worse. I was wrong. My parents had no feelings, no feelings at all! Read More
Rain Callaway is a hugely famous idol, and she sings with all of her heart. She is an orphan living in a small apartment alone, and no one but her manager and land lord know of her staying there. She has been in show business for almost six years. Before… Read More
If you have read Childhood Sweethearts, then You'll know.. But i sorta changed the names of Gelee and Jessica to Zhailex and Elixia// lol Read More

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Danielle Abigail Reiner (DA) got her heart broken twice. Her lifesaver, Sam, suggests they start a band together. Tension is created, and Sam is jealous. Who will DA fall for? ------------------------------------------------------------ Sucky summary, eh? hehe Read More
This is what I produced from Catherine's Challenge! Read More

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you guys read UNTAMED, well, here are my characters.. Read More

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How will you do when you left you first love that could be your true love? and after 5 years you come back together after meeting. And after your graduation. You carried his child? Well, let Abby take you to the adventure of her life. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Abigail finds out taht she has AIDS. Now she has to tell everybody. And that's when she gets the biggest surprise..... Read More
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