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A short story of two individuals stumbling around in darkness seeking the light. The narrative is of aboriginal. Read More
A short story of how a young boy learns of his aboriginal heritage through a vision. Read More
The transition of a man's perception through aboriginal spiritual guidance. Read More
A retired doctor moves to Northern Canada and finds himself unwittingly practicing his craft with the aboriginal people he meets there. Read More
An aboriginal teen, Shannon Brant, wakes up from a strange dream and her life is changed forever. She returns to her spiritual beliefs, and begins her journey to reclaim her life back. Read More
Jamie looks like a center-fold for white supremacy magazine. His boss's daughter diminutive woman of a fiery nature has no evident European ancestors. Despite their differences and built in bigotry they are drawn into a romantic tangle that neither will be able to escape from with dignity. Read More

Poem / Memoir

November 24, 2012

I live in Australia and was born in 1963. My grandmother was Aboriginal but we kids were told she was Indian. I learnt at 30 years of age about the lies my family had told me. In 1967 there was a referendum to give Australian Aboriginals recognition of being human.… Read More
A list of Aboriginal names and their meanings. :3 Not necessarily in alphabetical order. Read More

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My poem analysis for the poem A Song Of Hope By Kath Walker. I'm so happy! I got an A for it:) Read More
In search for beauty, the elderly sex trade survivor, takes courage from an origami crane. Read More
A group of Journalism students are on a study abroad trip to Australia, looking for a story. They find a story. And it wants to melts the flesh off their bones and chew on their entrails. Trying to turn this into a screenplay with a more flushed out climax and… Read More
a young scottish boy mets a aboriginal boy on the barge and he shows him the ways of the beach. Read More
A historical account of the Sweat Lodge ceremony and a modern perspective of the healing effects of the Native American Sweat Lodge ceremony. Read More
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