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The Horrors of St. Anne's By Jorge Barrera C.B.C. News March 29, 2018 "Then there was the disappearance of three boys: John Kioki, 14, and Michel Matinas, 11, both from Attawapiskat, and Michael Sutherland, 13, from Weemisk. The trio left St. Anne’s with a fourth boy in the early morning… Read More
A History of Watsons Bay, known as Courmangara by the Birrabirragal people of the Dharug nation, prior the invasion and settlement of Sydney Harbour by the English in 1788. The first section is the Birrabirragal history of country. Only one chapter completed and awaiting approval by indigenous people before completing.… Read More
I am putting together a number of stories about life in "modern" Australia that hopefully will have enough one day to put together a short book on Amazon. In the mean time I post them here to give them a "try out", perhaps to garner some comments but also to… Read More
It was another day when Anjij (Ann-ghee) was born the daughter of Tug (Tuk), a fisherman for a community of Northern people with a lasting connection to nature. Read More
3 men on a cattle drive is saskatchewan chance upon a blind aboriginal that help to expose them to the truth. it's more than they bargain for. Read More
A short story of two individuals stumbling around in darkness seeking the light. The narrative is of aboriginal. Read More
A short story of how a young boy learns of his aboriginal heritage through a vision. Read More
The transition of a man's perception through aboriginal spiritual guidance. Read More
A retired doctor moves to Northern Canada and finds himself unwittingly practicing his craft with the aboriginal people he meets there. Read More
An aboriginal teen, Shannon Brant, wakes up from a strange dream and her life is changed forever. She returns to her spiritual beliefs, and begins her journey to reclaim her life back. Read More
Jamie looks like a center-fold for white supremacy magazine. His boss's daughter diminutive woman of a fiery nature has no evident European ancestors. Despite their differences and built in bigotry they are drawn into a romantic tangle that neither will be able to escape from with dignity. Read More

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November 24, 2012

I live in Australia and was born in 1963. My grandmother was Aboriginal but we kids were told she was Indian. I learnt at 30 years of age about the lies my family had told me. In 1967 there was a referendum to give Australian Aboriginals recognition of being human.… Read More
A list of Aboriginal names and their meanings. :3 Not necessarily in alphabetical order. Read More

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My poem analysis for the poem A Song Of Hope By Kath Walker. I'm so happy! I got an A for it:) Read More
In search for beauty, the elderly sex trade survivor, takes courage from an origami crane. Read More
A group of Journalism students are on a study abroad trip to Australia, looking for a story. They find a story. And it wants to melts the flesh off their bones and chew on their entrails. Trying to turn this into a screenplay with a more flushed out climax and… Read More
a young scottish boy mets a aboriginal boy on the barge and he shows him the ways of the beach. Read More
A historical account of the Sweat Lodge ceremony and a modern perspective of the healing effects of the Native American Sweat Lodge ceremony. Read More
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