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Short story one-shot I wrote! COMPLETE Read More
Abuse I've suffered at the hands of my dysfunctional, narcissistic family... The son of an alcoholic mother who attempted to drown me at just two years old and a sadistic narcissistic millionaire father who would torment, abuse and beat me on a regular basis throughout my childhood. A victim of… Read More

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A poem about and for my father who passed away 3/12/22 Read More

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Ozymandias revisited. Read More
This is a short story of an event that happened when I was a child. We had kittens, and my dad did not want kittens I had to do something! Read More
Dark Poetry & Rap Lyrics. (Graphic Content) Viewer discretion is advised. 18 plus only! Read More
These are notes that I'm writing as I'm on the healing journey of abuse. It's a difficult journey, but I feel that if I can share it with others, other people who are on the same path won't feel so alone. Read More

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A young girl's dreams as she deals with mental illness and domestic abuse Read More

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January 28, 2022

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i wrote this while watching a South Korean series called 'Mother.' Read More

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January 26, 2022

His hands were the fury of the ocean, first taming, then battering. His words pulled me in and pushed me out like the tides, and I could only drift along, broken in his wake. It was as I stretched my arms and fought for freedom from that cruel barrage that… Read More
I was absolutely certain that nothing crazy or even remotely more exciting than launching fireworks over Summer vacation. That was until the new neighbors, the Trusts, moved in. Now, I'm learning the hard way how people can let cruel things happen to them. On top of all that, I need… Read More
Here to inspire women to own, love, fight for, and take pride in the greatest love story of their life, by sharing a story about my transformation as a woman and mother, from aborting my first child to fighting for the life of my second unborn baby. Raising coercion awarensss… Read More

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This is a truthful perspective of a story about overcoming an abusive relationship. It's also an implicit insight to some parallels existing in society's relationship with governments. Read More

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nova anderson. the girl who was dealt a horrible hand in life. abusive uncle. dead parents. bullied in school. overlooked. under-appreaciated. broken. all she can do is keep to herself and survive. she has problems trusting people and believing in the goodness in people, but that will be her drive… Read More
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