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Girl, Brunette, in a Hat by Claudio Scott Pixabay Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The Bennetts are the picture-perfect family: at least, that’s what they want the subscribers to their famous vlogging channel to think. Between Mom’s obsession with their impeccable reputation and Dad missing from the picture, seventeen-year-old Alyssa’s life is anything but normal when the cameras are off. Her parents’ divorce was… Read More
I turned the corner to find a hot man with blue eyes and brown hair. My dream hair. He was talking to my alpha but looked up when I entered the room. What he said next made me run from fear. "Mate, MINE" ______________________________________________________________________________ Isabelle is a scared, scarred, and… Read More
Darcey and Chloe - DV, abuse, secret pregnancy and trapped marriage heart mended - family, secrets, weddings fight for me - poms, PTSD, anxiety and depression the return of the ex- prison, abuse, police, and engagement Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This poem is about surviving domestic violence, and starting to love yourself enough to know that someone better is out there for you, you deserve them, and you just have to be patient until you find them. Read More

Featured Review by Jeff Bettger

"Excellent poem Desiree! Very well written and the image of knight's amor for self protection is perfect! Knowing what we don't want is as impo..." Read More

The follow up to Wrecked 1, in which I explore my own processing of the fact my abuser is at the end of his life, sick and dying, and the unexpected ways it impacts me. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Update 4/19/23 This a short version of a book Im writing about me. The things that happened to me after graduating high school and finding myself in the urban areas of Miami Florida . The good, the bad & the unbelievable! The different forms of abuse & how abuse can… Read More

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The Romance House

This story coincides with "Taren It Up" in some parts. After writing Olivia's story I often wondered what happened to Nick and that took up a life of its own...hope you enjoy. Read More
Heya, this is my own personal au of the one and only Gaster. So long story short, Gaster is a human scientist that did an experiment which leaded to the non-existing boy we learned today. Also, Papyrus and Sans are experiments Read More
Fairies were real with him and so were the ways he treated them. You tried to understand, you tried to do it too. Are you really so far in the deep end? Why is this so hard? Read More
This poem is about the experience of child abuse by a mother. Read More

Tags: abuse, pain

I was running from him. Five months pregnant at this point and he was chasing me dead winter through the neighborhood. I didn't have time to grab shoes and my bare feet hit the cold ground as I kept pushing forward trying to keep my balance. I couldn't keep my… Read More

Book / Memoir

February 18, 2023

A child growing up in a household where her father was abusive, her step-mother was an alcoholic and she never wanted to be home. A second home that she never found. All she wants is to be wanted. To belong. To be enough. But at this point, even her own… Read More

Tags: love, abuse, pain, hate, disgust

An article on the late Sir Cyril Smith, MP. Read More
They say soulmates, true soulmates can conquer anything. Because if you're just meant to be, then heaven or hell couldn't keep you apart, could they? Intense love or passion couldn't be a bad thing, could it? Everyone wants that - or do they? The third and final volume of the… Read More
The second volume in a trilogy, this is a continuation of the chaotic relationship between the protagonist and Gene Savoyard. The couple have so many obstacles left to overcome: oceans, visas, parenthood, poor mental health. Can they gain enough control of their minds to have a successful relationship? Can they… Read More
What if you could find the love of your life at the press of a button? What if they could save you from yourself? What if the one who saves you is the one who destroys you? The first part of a trilogy and based on a true story, this… Read More
TW=trigger warning **=end of trigger warning ~-~=smexy scene @@=end of smexy scene MR=mention of rape _____________________________ This is about a boy who is being neglected by his family and is sent off to boarding school for the gays as his parents are hugeeeeee homophobes. (he's 17). His name is Zaine.… Read More

Book / Other

January 08, 2023

Robbie and Adam Moores, the dream couple everyone wants to be. Or so it would seem. Abused and manipulated, Robbie wants nothing more than to be free. Will she escape her hell? Read More

Poem / Non-Fiction

December 20, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

Tags: abuse

Abuse I've suffered at the hands of my dysfunctional, narcissistic family... The son of an alcoholic mother who attempted to drown me at just two years old and a sadistic narcissistic millionaire father who would torment, abuse and beat me on a regular basis throughout my childhood. A victim of… Read More

Poem / Romance

September 05, 2022

There's something broken in the brain of one who continues to return for more abuse. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

noah smith is a 15 year old boy full of hurt ever since his brother eathans death.will he ever find anyone who gets him?? Read More

Tags: abuse, gay, sad, hurt, bl

This poem was written for a friend of mine whose mom was taken away because of domestic violence. Read More

Tags: abuse, poetry, lonely, sad

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