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Self-improvement made easy. Just answer three questions and these questions will change your life and will make you succeed in your goals, dreams and mostly life. Read More
We are all subjected to strife, hardships, and pain. We all make mistakes that we wish we could take back. We all long for second chances and wonder where we'd be had things happened differently. Only some though choose forgiveness, never back down, and accept what they have been handed. Read More
“Well, let me bestow upon you the title ‘Mac’ and from now onwards you will be addressed as McMurthy,’ proclaimed Juggernaut addressing his cousin Mr. Murthy. “What I did to deserve this title?” puzzled Mr. Murthy. “For starters, you know America is the birth place of Mc Donald’s,” “For people… Read More

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June 25, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

This poem is about how people think i cant do anything. Got sick of hearing and doing everyone elses ideas that holding me up. I plan to go all the way and make them people not believe in me stop the criticism. Read More
Just a poem I wrote for Balto,the dog who saved Nome. (Makes reference to the movie) Read More
Typical adolescents are motivated by external and internal factors, such as, inner longings, dreams, goals, parents, peers, and rewards. This writing dives into what motivates adolescents and compares the typical adolescent with the character Alex P. Keaton, made famous by Michael J. Fox, on the sitcom Family Ties. Read More
about a girl who sings about wanting to chase her own dreams Read More
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