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Follow Ace, a woman at the age of 18 that lost her memory when she was young. Unsure of her past, she was thrown into a role she had no choice but to play, an assassin. Extremely injured, she is rescued by a young man with his little brother, who… Read More

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//WARNING: Use of coarse language and sexual references// He became legend many years after he was made a hero, but the road there was not simple. He was trained by many heroes, and eventually became who he was. Read More
"Now Beckett may be a bad man, it comes with the profession, but having the whole crew of the ship he's on be entranced by sirens of all things is a bit too much in his opinion." (Written in January, 2017) Read More

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"Run! And save the children, especially her!" "Live long and be... good... you can survive, I know you can. Mama loves so much." "MIYUKI Nee, I...I can't leave you and I can't do this all- DO IT BAKA, EAT it... before... BEFORE YOU DIE." "I'll kill pirates, every… Read More
Salient is impossible. Ace is impossible. Life will be incredibly unrecognizable when she is fully developed. Read More
This is America; land of the free, home of the brave. In four major cities around the country, a criminal organization flourished in its dealings. The Four Aces, as they were known, is probably the biggest multi-generational gathering of gangsters and criminals in the land. They had a finger in… Read More

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One Piece Fan fiction Ace, Sabo and Luffy are living on their own. The Whitebeard Pirates come to the island to get out of a storm and re-supply their ship on their way and discover the boys. Read More
This happened upon me while I was working on another piece. Read More
From Solzenitsyn's "Gulag Archipelago" comes a short story a Soviet Korean War Ace in Stalinist Russia. Read More
The Black Bullets is an all-boys group but when Laila Winter joined she became Laila Black, the leader of the Black Bullets. In the area she lives, no girl is allowed to join a gang let alone be the leader of one. The Black Bullets are based on the West… Read More
My buddy Scot said to me, after showing him some of my other work that is on this site, "I can't believe you haven't done a frisbee golf, joint, yet." So, I did. And here it is. I hope you frisbee golfers of the world, out there, will all enjoy… Read More
My buddy Scot said to me, after showing him some of my other work that is on this site, "I can't believe you haven't done a frisbee golf, joint, yet." So, I did. And here it is. I hope you frisbee golfers of the world, out there, will all enjoy… Read More
It is a story about a strange creature. Read More

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"­"­ Inevitable present;­ home to the indians today.­ I've learned my lessons, stopped playing music to the plastic poets in the rain.­ They've all found their way, like I did in time, but both of them couldn't be here to stay with me and write dark blue little lines.­ So… Read More
First person narrative of WWII air combat sorties. Read More
A story that tell's the story of a lone boy that must stop a growing threat before it engulfs the world. The question is will he be able to? A story of love and gain. Chapter 1 = The arrival of the "hero" Read More
Ace and Kristen have just started college, and Ace is perhaps a bit *too* interested in seeing her dorm room. Read More
It's a lazy spring afternoon, school's almost out, and all Ace wants to do is waste the day away lying beside his best friend. Read More
It's been a tiring week for Ace and all he wants to do is curl up in his girlfriend's lap and fall asleep. Read More

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Ace has always wanted kids, but now that the big day is fast approaching he's finding himself a little more than nervous. Luckily, he has his wife to comfort him. Read More
Ace and Kristen share a moment as they wait for the arrival of their first child. Read More

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Promise is a big word. It either makes something or breaks everything. Everly Spring is seventeen and the school werido.Noone understands her or her werid fettishes - noone understands her, blank. So when the new guy, Ace, moves to her school, she can't help feel but even more isolated than… Read More
Here you will read about Personality Development. Personality Development is nothing it is just to improve your though ting skills and give you a great power to make your own respect. Read More
A boy with an unknowingly adventurous destiny ahead. Tyler finds himself intertwined with the illusive duos, Ace and Seb. Together they are caught between the lines of reality and fantasy. With the sudden murders, Tyler doesn't take to long to figure out- there's no turning back. Reality and fantasy collide. Read More

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Coraline - has had a life of heartbreak, giving everything she has to a boy who only used her for sex. Ace - the oldest of two other siblings with a story to tell, his life holds a dark secret close to his heart. Can these two find a road… Read More
The Story Of The Poor Ace. He was so skilled at the game of darts, but that went to his head. What will happen we he plays darts with The Queen Of Hearts? An original story based upon Alice In Wonderland. Read More

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I keep reaching out to him, but the harder I struggle the farther he falls. "You promised me!" I whisper to him, but my words are carried by the wind and never reach his ears. He's gone. He's dead. Read More

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October 05, 2010

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This is for enchantress's contest...its not done yet though. hope you like it so far. Read More

Tags: love, hiding, hidden, ace, leta

Book / Romance

August 16, 2010

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Eleanor Holstarlor is an opera singer/primary school teacher recently out of college. Her life is fairly normal; chatty friends, loving boyfriendand the typically annoying family. The only glitch being her boyfriend, Terry, is a member of one of the most notorious criminal gangs in the world. The Jokers, a gang… Read More
Updates And Stories...And Some French Bashing. Read More
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