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A little something I wrote when I was feeling emotional. Read More

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February 27, 2014

About life, point of a view of guy. Its like a rap, not spitting bars. You could call it a poem but I suggest it comes under the category of 'rap' so like yeah others ;] Please leave a comment whether I should improve it, change a little, or your… Read More
A monologue I made in 2013, never git the chance to post it. We all have a goal, a dream, some illusion we aspire as much as we breathe. Yet we never remember the words our loved ones say, never truly listen to what is right to follow. In this… Read More
Are you Happy ? Have you been feeling depressed lately. Do you feel as if no matter how hard you try, you just can't be "happy". Hope this Helps ! Read More
Noah was a modern person of todays society who lived in an Ancient fantasy land called Utopia. Along the other fantasy lands there lives another fantasy country called Mustoria, which had no place to stay in so went in other territorial lands. Things don't go well with the 2 arguing… Read More
So many things can get in the way of your dreams. The days, the seasons, the people around you, the trials, the situations and conditions. BUT if you want that dream badly enough, then you have to seize it as your own. No excuses. No blaming anything. Only chasing and… Read More
This article is about regulating your mind's power to achieve success in life. Read More
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