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San and the gang have finally made it to the summit of Olympus where they begin to undergo the Sigil Enhancement Program. The Goal is for them to finally awaken their Sigils as Living Sigils. Read More
The time has come. King Jameson arrives on the Continent to seal his union with his betrothed, Queen Taresa. The marriage will unite the two most powerful kingdoms of Afari: Marland and Ibia. What’s more, Jameson will be able to start his family, to carry on the legacy of Kin… Read More

Book / Fantasy

February 28, 2021

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The High Fantasy House

At one time, Chenia was a great country. With various clans spread from north to south, a sacred brotherhood of riders known as the Shepherds roamed the land, protecting their people in the name of their god Ada. But an unspoken horror in the Shepherd city of Sarbin fifteen years… Read More
In a new age of Pokemon, new surprises are always right around the corner! Or maybe even right around the bend as a little girl starts her journey accompanied by the world's strongest Ditto! Follow this extravagant Pokemon and his pet-human as they soon realize that to continue their future,… Read More
What happens when a goddess summons more people than expected? Well this story explains just that. This is the story of two college students, Will and Quincy who end up meeting a sudden and unfortunate death. Now they must embark on an adventure to defeat the demon king to fulfill… Read More

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Halo: Array - A slipspace portal into the Halo Universe for your uninitiated friends and family... This copy is a draft. Expect typing mistakes, incorrect word use, narrative inconsistencies, unintentional repetition and general flow issues. These will be rectified upon completion. Original art is in the works for the cover.… Read More
MYSTERY ! ACTION ! SUSPENSE ! SPACE COLONY ! ROMANCE !EXPLOSIVE ! A mysterious knockout bottle-blonde loses her husband somewhere in the judicial system on Space Colony #88. She hires Nick Ryder to find him and gets the help of the astonishing Alexandra King into the bargain. A non-stop trail… Read More
ITALY, ADVENTURE, DANGER, ACTION, SUSPENSE, THRILLER Two young American tourists, Marsha and Grant, discover diamonds in an Italian Cathedral. Death and danger combine with action and adventure to send them fleeing from the world of diamond smuggling, the Mafia, and the Three Bullet Killer. Read More

Book / Young Adult

February 25, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

Not everyone was meant to be a hero. Some choose to use their gifts for good. Others for selfish reasons. For Miguel Jones, he believes he's no hero. He just wants to be normal. Bitten by a genetically engineered, Miguel Jones is forced to become Seattle's protector as Spider-Man when… Read More
Nun Aethelu runs an orphanage in medieval Europe. Once a cruel visitor arrives her peaceful existence descends into depravity’s depths, blasphemous acts, church iniquity and circles back to redemption. WORDS – 10,250 Read More

Book / Young Adult

February 24, 2021

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The Review Chain House

He was a man who held little ambition and wanted to live a somewhat normal life. That is, until the council made an example out of his family and the love of his life. With his pack needing an alpha to lead them, Milan is forced to brush off the… Read More
An encounter with three spirit-users, mortals given the powers of the four elemental pillars of belief, leads Simon to join them as one to escape his boring life. But when recruits are killed within the campus not all seems to be on cloud nine. And when he causes a thunderstorm… Read More
Based in a time of castles and kings and queens. When a witch kills the prince, the kings other sons try their best to bring him back. Along the way they encounter supernatural gifts and eventually enter hell its self to save the crowned prince. Can they win. Read More
Lee dies when he wasn’t supposed to, which causes God to give him a new life. Lee had the opportunity to be stupid overpowered, but he chose not to because it would get too boring. So God changes the difficulty mode to hard, where Lee would face many strong enemies,… Read More
A different take on Scanty & Kneesocks, however, done in a style that'll make you wonder. Join Brute in his journey in understanding why he's become such a mess because of a pair of demon sisters. Even with the Anarchy sisters trying to get in his way, I wonder if… Read More
Narahi Ryuu wasn't only a genius intellectually but he was a genius in the art of assassination as well. Growing up neglected and abused by his parents, Narahi basically raised himself after his grandmother who took care of him much to his biological family's disdain died when he was nine.… Read More
Yashi Kojussai here, or at least that's what I used to go by when I was human. Now it's Rakuhoshi The Beast Keeper. I used to be a great and powerful man. Everyone feared me by name alone. For my great talents as a blacksmith as well as being able… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Into the world of Traumwelt, survival specialist, John Stryder embarks on a fantastic journey to end his endless nights of insomnia. Jumping from world to world, he hunts a being he only knows as The Sandman. Weird and terrorizing creatures bar his path and just walking around could kill him… Read More

Featured Review by T. E. Jackson

"Fantastically written Akuma. I enjoyed this thoroughly. Your flow and pacing paired with absolutely masterful descriptive talent makes for a per..." Read More

It's basically my own take on Naruto with a modern taste, action all over and some shockers, the story isn't done yet but I will be working on it, make sure to like the story if you get through a whole chapter :) Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Angel has tried to stay on the right side of law and order. But when threats from her past resurface combine with present dangers to her family, she is pushed to seek justice and retribution on her own terms. Please note this story contains some violence and touches on topics… Read More

Book / Fantasy

February 06, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

Hello, so I found out that Booksie only allows a published work to have 99 chapters max. So, I had to make a part 2 in order to continue this story. Hopefully, in the future they change it because I have some people who are enjoying my work and they… Read More
the Atomic Vice a student gains superpowers that work based on double meanings - he can, for example, turn magazines from glossy paper covers into rifle ammunition or transmute a space-bar on a keyboard into a key that will teleport you to a real bar in space. When the authorities… Read More
The sole child of the Kazashi family. Rin has recently become a newly recruited Hunter and with it all of the responsibilities therein of being one. What lies in her future? Follow Rin as she learns more about the world and the very organization that she works for. Read More
Chicago, 1996 Sixteen year old Scott Henderson has grown up in a caring family, along with his elder brother Billy. Unexpectedly, and in the worst possible way, he discovers a well hidden family secret that will jeopardize everything he has always believed in, and will put his life on the… Read More
He was summoned to a world he did not recognize, or at least one that had changed too drastically to be recognized. His summoners were desperate, stretching for any type of power to defend against the march of Demons posing as Angels. Grasping for any type of power to enable… Read More
Years before raiders, Indiana Jones embarks on an epic journey to retrieve the legendary ring of Solomon before a vile visionary can unleash its demonic powers on the world! Read More
A young woman on the run suddenly finds herself at the mercy of hardened, violent criminals. Enduring the cruelty, she vows never to give in and find a way out of her plight. This is the beginning of Veronica Murray's story in The Outlaw Series by Sandra Hall. Read More
They met in the darkness. Brandon a mortal. Ezekiel a Shifter. Pain and loneliness brought them crashing into one another. Their meeting will be the first dominoes in an epic saga that branches through not only time, but blood as well. Broken Bonds will come too light. A new Bond… Read More
The Nam. Blood Trail. Part two of this short story set during the Vietnam War. Two US grunts are lost behind enemy lines, they make their way through the jungle hoping to find a way out of their desperate predicament. Warning... Contains bloody scenes and some profane language...... Read More

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Featured Review by Serge Wlodarski

"Excellent capture of the brutality of war. You don't need vampires to tell a horror story. " Read More

ADVENTURE, SUSPENSE, SUPERNATURAL, ACTION, REVELATION A stranger enters the lives of many, drawing unwanted attention from the most powerful entrenched interests in the world, both secular and religious. They feel threatened by his mere presence, his supernatural powers, but most of all they they fear the knowledge he possesses and… Read More
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