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Arabella has resigned herself to the position of mother and wife, considering herself lucky to be in a much easier life than she had previously known. But there are clouds of war gathering from the North-West as King Ernulf, Prince Louis's half brother, begins to suspect him of eyeing… Read More
Sometimes, the people you never thought you'd see again come back into your life when you least expect them. But what happens when the person you want to stay in your life tries to cut the bond? While Alexander reunites with Thomas, Amethyst has been building a wall between them.… Read More
a girl named Casey starts living on the streets with others. Her having difficulties in her home life, her powers restricting her from having friends and good relationship with her family. She runs away and lives with a group that doesn’t trust her at first, she soon gains there trust… Read More

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2062, Martian orbit. Four of the first Martians ready to step foot onto a new frontier. Mars. This perilous journey will cost them everything, but will be start of everything, Read More
It's been roughly thirteen years after Zanbongfar's defeat. Zan and Ayumi now have four children. Though the three youngest children have began to manifest abilities, Sanziri, the first born manifests no abilities. His siblings try to cheer him up but unbeknownst to them, he is not depressed and has been… Read More
Aika has the power to control what she fears most. Everyone does. The modern public calls these powers figures. Some people use their figures to heal, some to build, some to just horse around. Aika uses hers to fight. As a professional boxer, looking to make her name in the… Read More
[Historical Fiction] Back in 1969, A local teenage male from Norfolk, Virginia free wrote on his experiences in life, as he was currently serving the U.S. Army as an infantryman in Vietnam during the civil war between the North and South of the Vietnamese country. Read More
Three completely different girls all received a mysterious gift from a stranger because of their "heart of gold" turns out it's much more then just a piece of jewelry. Can they defeat the villain, keep the secret, and get to school on time? Read More
The year is 2552 CE. For twenty-seven years the alien collective known as the Covenant has been hunting down the human race. Colony after colony has been annihilated. Humanity has been forced to retreat again and again until a single planet remains the only hope mankind has of surviving… Earth.… Read More
Tragedies. They are what define us. They make us who we are today. As much as we try, we can never forget them. As hard as we try to avoid it, the past will always catch up to us. Have you ever wondered what would happen if your life,… Read More
This is a silly tale about a young man name Liebhaber Junge von Liebhaberland, who, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), had his dear fiancée kidnapped by an evil, cruel witch right before his very eyes! For the sake of love and justice, he gathers a team of the finest adventurers he… Read More
Detective James Baron became an outlaw after asking the wrong questions. After four years of running on land, he finds a new opportunity in becoming a pirate. The old man at the ship's helm tells tales of a sea of mysteries; the Terminus. Intrigued and left without any other… Read More
Zia Hill is just a normal girl, right? Except for the fact that people are trying to kill her and kidnap her. This is her story. Zia has been alone for as long as she can remember, so why should things change when a stranger comes up to her and… Read More
For 30 years, Zeke has ruled the continent of Terrakia with an iron fist. For the last 8 years, pockets of resistance have sprung up in most of the different countries, but none have had any success in taking down Zeke's regime. Now a new resistance rises. Will it be… Read More
ITALY, ACTION, DIAMONDS, ADVENTURE, SUSPENSE Marsha Mason and Grant Marlowe, two young travelers in Italy, find diamonds under a tile in a cathedral, where they are knocked out. From the moment they wake up, they are entangled in the underworld of diamond smuggling, treachery, and murder—Italian style. Read More

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It is illegal to indict a courier for the contents of any message they deliver. When the ruler of the wealthiest nation on earth receives a cryptic note marked by "The Charlatan," he learns that all of the gold he spent decades stockpiling is worthless. The richest country in the… Read More
A group of young men and women are involved in a terrible incident, leaving many other dead. As the days go by things in their lives change with no explanation. Follow this group of survivors as the world around changes and unravels. Read More
MYSTERY ! ACTION ! SUSPENSE ! SPACE COLONY ! ROMANCE !EXPLOSIVE ! A mysterious knockout bottle-blonde loses her husband somewhere in the judicial system on Space Colony #88. She hires Nick Ryder to find him and gets the help of the astonishing Alexandra King into the bargain. A non-stop trail… Read More
Year 2 of the Division War: Mission: Send spies into enemy territory for reconnaissance and rescue of captured soldier. Further forces will hold back until instructed. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Never the one to get involved in a conflict, the only kind of fight Justin Thatcher has been in, is his battle with mental illness. He's only 21, but to him, the last 11 years have felt like a lifetime. At the very moment he's ready to accept defeat, a… Read More

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A war takes place in a kingdom. Read More
MYSTERY ! ACTION ! SUSPENSE ! SPACE COLONY ! ROMANCE !EXPLOSIVE ! A mysterious knockout bottle-blonde loses her husband somewhere in the judicial system on Space Colony #88. She hires Nick Ryder to find him and gets the help of the astonishing Alexandra King into the bargain. A non-stop trail… Read More
The Great War has been raging on constantly. In the city of Markentide, four people band together to survive. Three parties roam the lands, the government's ruthless seekers, the rebellion's weak and untrained militia, and the massive empire marching in the lands, with mass-produced Terrians and soldiers. No matter what,… Read More

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The Solar System is in a state of decline. The benevolent AI Moses disappeared decades ago taking mankind's future with him. The dream of the stars is dead. Freelancer Matthew Cole struggles to find a way to pay the bills and keep his ship flying. He's always been a bit… Read More
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