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1) please correct my grammar and spelling. 2) this is my first upload. 3) sorry, I don't write many sci-fis. This is one of the only ones I've finished. My science is a bit iffy in places. So ... There's this boy called Alex. He's part of this teenage alien-defence… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Adalyn Copeland has the dream life every girl wants. Being best friends with famous hottie Carter Jackson. Meeting when younger and going to the same church Adalyn and Carter are inseparable, but what happens when they have so many obstacles come in front of them their friendship is tested. Carter… Read More
After five years of being in a coma Adalyn Westchester wakes up. She's missed some of the most impotant years of her life, but that doesn't matter. She's alive today for a reason, and that reason is to stop two of the worest d√©testable things from happening. Will she be… Read More

Book / Fantasy

April 21, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

The country of Gelain is at the brink of war against one of its own races - the Shifters, an unhappy race of shapeshifters who want change, and Katya, a young warrior, never expected to be roped into a possible civil war. All she wanted was revenge. Then again, she… Read More
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