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This is the Genesis of Man; According to Lilith. How man came about and the birth of Nephilim. Read More

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ABORTION I don’t think there is a person in the Unites States that hasn’t heard about the Roe vs Wade case in 1973. And to see it enter the spotlight again after almost 50 years, well, it just goes to show how far our society has come (or regressed). Read More
In old age, Adam reflects. Read More

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About a clusmy, yet kindhearted, friend from my oed middle school "prequel trilogy" (before Midland High School experience). Read More
It is high time that we sort this confusion out about the existence of God. Human beings are nosy, they want to know every little thing; they want to test everything out before they believe. There are some things that we cannot test and yet they are true. The truth… Read More

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April 26, 2018

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Rather than a poem I'd say this is more like a train of thought. Give it a read and please tell me what you think. :) Read More

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What if Adam Had Bit Into The Apple First Instead Of Eve Read More

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Book / Fantasy

April 11, 2016

The story of Adam. Please comment and help the story to progress. :) Read More
Adam and Eve feel a great loss after being kicked out of the Garden of Eden. Read More
A while after obtaining the Amethyst of Physic Power Alex and his friends are ambushed and 5 cyborgs join Lord Spector who plot against them as they travel around the world to find the Ruby of Fire Read More
This is my first attempt at Gothic poetry, A religious based poem centred around my Keen interest in Cathedrals and 19th Century Gothic Art. I wrote this as part of an exercise for My University class. Read More
Today people imagine that there is no after life and that they will not be resurrected and that they will not be subject to any form of accountability or punishment. They are leading lives as they think is fit without realizing that the Creator created mankind for the purpose of… Read More
If exploring Old Testament stories, or possible parables, doesn't appeal to you, this won't either. Read More

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June 02, 2014

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I am a Shadow. A whisper in the wind. I am a myth but very much the truth. A legend in my own right though I am forgotten. The gift of sweet death for those I am contracted to kill. Swift and silent is my craft. Kings, Tyrants, Dictators it… Read More
And it grew both day and night, Till it bore an apple bright. And my foe beheld it shine. And he knew that it was mine, Read More
Valerie Feder is the daughter of Lenny and Roxanne, also twin sister to Greg, older sister to both Keith and Becky. This story will set in the summer time, because in the beginning it's the last day of school. So this story revolves around her and her crazy life with… Read More
Life can be monotonous, yet we all have those little moments that help us get through to our next triumph. Read More
Winter may be the coldest and darkest of seasons, but that doesn't mean it can't offer something we all need. Read More
Anyone who watches TeenNick may I have your ATTENTION! Yes, This is Degrassi, I know that many of you out there watch Degrassi, so I have made this article of my favorite characters from Degrassi. Read More
Ever since Amanda put Adam in that trap, she couldn't help but feel a sorrow and guilty feeling in her stomach. Why is she feeling this way for Adam? She's never felt this way about Cecil Adams after John (or Jigsaw) killed him...How come Adam is so important to her? Read More

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December 10, 2013

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Adele Masters is the perfect Christian girl - sweet, loves God, somehow manages to ace her calculus every time and could even make a career as a brunette model. There's just one problem - her best friend is a satanist, and one night, pressures her into participating in a ritual… Read More
A scant retelling of Adam and Eve's loss from Eden Paradise. Jean and Yana meet each other as children in a beautiful park, but they part ways onto opposite ends of the world. You watch them grow and blossom like budding flowers, as the empty hole left in each others'… Read More
Cass returns home to her village after escaping the clutches of a powerful man within a village that lies just beyond the mountain side. Read More

Book / Fan Fiction

October 30, 2013

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This is where I'll write post random (very short) stories, that I've written including myself. Mainly with a certain Spike Island actor; Adam Long. Enjoy if you wish to read. xo Read More
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