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A Change of Heart – See what happens when an Israeli assassin is sent back in time to exterminate a young Adolf Hitler and all of a sudden makes a choice that forever alters his people’s horrid past. Read More
This is my homework for English. We were suppose to do a diary entry of a young boy from the UK or Poland or Bruno (a character in the book 'the boy in the striped pyjamas') The entry must have the date of 1st September 1939, when in the early… Read More
This is a story about a Family who has to escape North Korea under life threading conditions.... Read More
Ha this is a real chat. Not real names though. Not even real screen names. I have named them 'Charlie' and 'Adolf' but my name 'DeathuponTyne' and the others names are real. I couldnt be bothered with them. Enjoy! Read More
Jihad is the most propagandistic and misunderstood phenomena today, mostly linked with war and killing of the non Muslims in the Name of Allah. Mostly Jihad is being categorized in four forms; Jihad of the heart, Jihad of the tongue, Jihad by the hand and Jihad by sword. Many scholars… Read More
His eyes were his own. The Fuhrer did not have Jewish eyes. He couldn't have. Read More

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An essay done for a school English persuasive oral. I chose to make it count and use it as an opportunity to speak for what I believe in. Read More
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