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Roman is quite a simple guy and mostly search things that every one searches, in life. But when he falls down on Adonis, his whole and his vision of himself is going to change forever. Despite the fact Adonis is 38 years old, and Roman is 20 years less aged,… Read More
A short story about a humorous espionage project undertaken by an intelligent girl to judge a shy but suave boy for marriage. Read More
Birthday wishes are a bit early though :) the poem is caffeine rich.. so take care :) Read More
Adonis a young creationist, turns his colony into fighters, but as the war comes he isn't so sure he's a reliable leader. Read More
Alexiah's world around her is superficial. Boys, Clothes, parties. When Adonis comes to her town, thing seem out of place in the little town of Fort Coral. For starters, Adonis is horrific looking. Adonis doesn't fit in with Fort Coral perfect society. But when Alexiah and Adonis fall in love… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I would give the info but it would sound cliche, so I'll let you read it, lol, and find out for yourself. Warning do, blood, violence, dark themes, coarse language, sexual scenes, inuendos, nudity and horrific scenes of torture and death, warning enough for ya? Read More
The short story that started it all, you'll frown at how this inspired Adonis Chronicles but it did. Read More
A poem about one of my 3 secret muses, the one I call Adonis. Read More
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