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Sierra Web is a twelve, almost thirteen, year old girl who has been broken and abandoned. At such a young age, she has experienced more tragedies and heartbreak than anyone ever should. Everyday she wishes to be adopted, but nobody seems to want her. Why would anybody want a preteen… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Carling has been in this stupid place (a.k.a Creekside Adoption Center) with her twin sister Taelor for 13 years and she's just, plain sick of it! All her life her friends have left her, to go to lovely, wonderful homes with loving families, living the perfect life. And Taelor. Taelor's… Read More

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October 09, 2009

These are the things that can happen to a girl that is told she was given up at 2 weeks at 17-years-old.......... This is written in script form because I bet it'd be a cool play or movie. This is only scene 1-3 out of an unknown final amount. Read More
When I lost my old dog Skye nearly three years ago I swore I would never give my heart to another dog. I've kept lots of other animals in the intervening time and although I love them all nothing quite matches up to a canine. Buying a flat that has… Read More
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