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Short Story / Memoir

February 18, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

My name is Ryan Anderson. Shortly before I turned 18, I learned that I was adopted. This discovery rocked my world. Twelve years later, I am finally ready to talk about who I am and where I came from. This is my story, told for the first time. I am… Read More

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Kenzie Burton has been plagued by the same nightmare for as long as she can remember; a scuffed shoe, thinking her mom is going to be mad at her because of the shoe, making faces at her best friend from across the room, and then a single gunshot, before everything… Read More
my brother and i always connected deeply with rapper nf's song how could you leave us, written about his distant relationship with his drug addict mom who eventually od'd. i rewrote it to describe our relationship with our biological mother shelawnda for an english assignment. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is the story of about the day I got my name. Read More

Featured Review by Excellent Theophilus

"Aw what a nice way to get a name. Even though it was funny." Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Kate McCallister dissolved into tears when the doctor announced the reason behind her younger sister, Reagan's recent bizarre behaviors. She had a serious mental illness. The illness made her do things she would have never done before she got sick, like marry an abusive man. Take a journey with Kate… Read More
Even though your dreams may have perished you cannot say " no" to living. Human existence is all about going on , raising yourself every time you fall. This is a continuation of the earlier story with the same name. Read More
At times, I get very reflective about my life, the decisions I have made and those who have influenced me along the way. Read More
DISCONNECTED SYNOPSIS Disconnected is a fast-paced, coming of age, YA, contemporary novel, featuring an adoptee from Guatemala in search of identity, Namaya Chessgard, a self-deprecating and troubled teen. Sixteen year old Namaya Chessgard's story begins when she visits Guatemala to meet her birth mother. Though sad to learn the tragic… Read More
mia drake, "queen of the northampton hs," invites namaya, (usually in the nerd group) to hang out at her house. as namaya distances herself from her former friends, she begins to enter into new ( and dangerous) circles. Read More
Namaya Chessgard, 16 years old, adopted as an infant from Guatemala and brought up in New England by a single, professional woman, searches for her identity. Read More
I am trying to potrary thought of an orphan girl who gets adopted.will she be able to adapt to her new home? Read More

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Mayor Satch schemes to get Sarah's boss to give her a raise so he may earn her respect. Jennifer grows tired of raising Howard and explores adoption. Anella is caught off guard when Jim and Sandy team up with a new friend to vandalize City Hall. Read More
My Dad's rags to riches story and the search for over 19 brothers and sisters. Read More
Adoption is a dichotomy of emotions as one ages. Sometimes after a somber night of disturbing images, I’m left with no morning recourse but to ground the night’s dreams through pen and paper, hoping such working of the persistent inner-voices will rid the dreams of darkness. (Image by Maria Avrimonic) Read More

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Book / Fantasy

April 25, 2019

Heidi is a lovable person, hardly ever gets angry. But there are some things in life that can really hurt. Note: I started writing this story without knowing where it's going to lead me. Read More
Jack and Arty Mason are living the perfect life, until they adopt a new son into the family: Daniel. Do you really know who you're letting into your home? Read More
Romance, family, and faith are three words that summarize the fascinating story of Dr. Kelly and her new patient Sarah. There is a mystery between them and the more they discover about each other, the more they usher in major life-changing experiences. Yet in a world where stories are… Read More
the corruption of the foster care system is often ignored and here’s why. Read More
I am adopted and have recently been united with my birth aunt and birth mother. Read More

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Book / Other

November 27, 2017

Jack (aka Sean) and Mark even their friends lose their job on YouTube because it is being taken down.What will they do now? Mark and Sean get a kid?! Wait wait what was that sound? Read More
A couple dreamed of having children of their own... But a mysterious man isn't going to allow them to live happily ever after.. Read More
a single woman finds an abandoned newborn baby boy on the front porch of her house. Read More
Child born with several special needs, orphaned in India, finds a family in the United States of America. This is her story. Read More
Family adopts little boy who has global physical and mental delays; this is their story. Read More
It's a poem about adoption. No I did not come up with it I found it offline. But I liked it so I'm posting it on here. that's a link for it. I edited and added some of my own words. Read More

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Raven and her family are going out to eat for the holiday, a place they've never gone before. A tragedy occurs. Coda and Raven are all that is let of their, now, shattered family. What happens when Raven and her little brother Coda are put in foster care and left… Read More

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Poem / Poetry

February 21, 2017

This poem is about two-year-old twin toddlers that lost their parents during wartime in Iraq. Their parents were friends of mine. I was stationed at the same base in northern California. The grandparents (who were wonderful) adopted the twins. The twins were their whole life. While writing this poem I'm… Read More
Just a little short story I wrote a while back for a contest. Recently found it in my documents and decided to post Read More

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