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The The Horror House House

Audrey Matthews moved to Blackwater Springs, a town so small it's not even on the map, with her husband looking for a new beginning. At first, the town seems perfect for the couple. The people are friendly, and the house is something out of Audrey's dreams. But not everything in… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

“I’ve been thinking about these lips of yours since this afternoon at my shop,” he said while raising his thumb to brush them delicately across my lips. “I want to kiss you. See how you taste…” he whispered in a heavy breath next to my ear, his words begging for… Read More
Short horror story (rated 18+), about a new parasitologist who embarks on their first day inside Vector-6. A secret research facility buried beneath the Nevada desert. The truth beneath these sands will change his life, as well as the rest of the world. Word count: 1078. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A year ago today, Carol was kidnapped by an unknown man and kept in captivity for seven days before being released. A nightmare scenario for any young woman, surely? So why is it that she is once more drawn back to the scene of her abduction? Read More
It's the 1700s, and an albino boy was born with the most beautiful face and body that everyone could ever hope for. His life is a rollercoaster, from being with his mother, to joining a gang, then to becoming a geisha. Everything in the beginning was going pretty swell, until… Read More
Life according to Barnatum Kragtank is book written to make you laugh because even coming up with the name made me laugh. Don't take it seriously and just enjoy. These are the ramblings of my mind, as weird and confused as it gets, about life, love, money, politics, religion and… Read More
the date is december 32, 2999, and f'gu mdlzik finds himself caught in a crisis of epic proportions. The nanoscale robots present in human bodies run the risk of worldwide faiure if the Y3K patch is not applied by midnight . To add to the crisis, an army mobilizes against… Read More
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