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Perhaps,there are times, when you find yourself amidst a negative dilemma. What do you do then? Some of you might find a way out. But,some of you may stay right where you are,stuck. Life isn't easy. Figure it out before its too late. Read More
All secrets have a breaking point. A dangerous kind that Brandon never thought he'd be apart of. A baby was all he and his wife, Savannah wanted, but Savannah was everything his brother, Brian, needed to get! And with every secret and betrayal, every lie for selfish gain, the one… Read More

Short Story / Romance

March 15, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

The story of Janna, who meets Marc and just can't control her urges. Read More
A small town girl moves to New York after a traumatic event. There she is employed as a "private investigator" by a questionable employer and a bartender by a hunky but rude manager. It's not really a romance, but more categorizable as adult fiction with some humor throughout. It's not… Read More
This is a twisted story about a person who has been in a car crash and is trying to come to terms with it. It could probably go further but I'm not sure how, so I just uploaded it as it was. Read More
A strong-willed young woman, recently widowed, resumes writing to bounce back into a full life and hopefully find a suitable stepfather for her two young children. Her writing career takes off and she attracts a promising target, without knowing it at first. Read More
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