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It is the year 2043 CE and four years remain for India’s 100th anniversary of the Peoples’ rule. Ashoka has been chosen by the majority of the people to lead them. However, Ashoka is reluctant as he has a more important mission on hand. He has been trained by the… Read More
Join an epic journey across the Milky way galaxy to save the galactic society from ancient dangers and enemies... don't worry if it's too short. this is just the first vol. from a trilogy and more is already on its way... don't forget to rate my work, for all… Read More
It was inspired by the works of Tolkien and video games like Diablo and Warcraft. It's a dark fantasy adventure, a journey i hope you will enjoy. Midland is usually a nice and quiet place but lately things have taken a dark turn. Creatures from beyond Death have appeared… Read More
It's a story about the ,paper thin king of Feuducia. How this unique guy , become the king of kings. Read More

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June 08, 2017

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demon children 2 A new threat arrives, those who seek the demon children, seeking the demon seal within them. Kitsune and his friends are trying to figure out who the new threat is and why they want the tail demons. While dealing with the betrayal of those around him. The… Read More
Read this account of a man who suffered huge odds, but came out a great winner in the end. Read More

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Time has fast forwarded. First women had equal rights, then it dropped again. This is about three characters who try to make it right. Who try and make everyone equal Read More
This is a story of a girl who is quit loving and helping who avail the oppurtunity to make a space journy as she ever wish. Read More
Sarah is a girl who love the nature... By her this loving ethics she traveled to the story land and met her favorite characters... Read More
This is a story of one man’s life changing journey in an unchanging world. Read More

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An apocalypse destroyed whole of planet earth. The sole survivor is, Eva who is suffering from Amnesia, how is she going to cope with it? Read More
sapphire was just your average weird high school girl. she dressed goth, she expressed her feelings thru writing.she gets sent to the princibles office one day and her princibles not what she seems. sapphire is sent to a lab consisting of strange people. she is put into a virtual reality… Read More
Edmund Dantes is betrayed and imprisoned in the fortress of If. There he meets a madman who tells him about an incredible treasure. He escapes from the fortress, finds the treasure, and reappears as the Count of Monte Cristo, ready to extract revenge from falsely accused him. Read on the… Read More
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