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The Booksie Classic House

("The Forsaken Race" is an aspiring manga/anime series.) In a nameless world, the Aubade Sylphs are the largest race with the most powerful kingdom. Their residents live in harmony and happiness. Except for one pariah, Kita Rein. With only two friends, no family, and a very bad reputation, her life… Read More
How can you miss someone when you don't even remember them? But yes, I miss them, my family, friends and everyone. At night before closing my eyes I like to think that there's a family for me who are waiting for me so eagerly. Necessary? Yes, because that's what keeps… Read More
Adrian never thought that she would become an adventure but now she has been presented a chance to become one, chosen for a quest by an Oracle. The oracle's quest is to find a magical artifact to stop a war over a throne in his country. However, it is unusual… Read More
Janna recounts the previous decisions in her life that have brought her to her current impossible position Read More
A young girl caught up in the magical mysteries, she doesn't understand. How will she survive in the world of unknowns? Read More
Nyra just moved into a new locality and wanted to start a new life in Rosewood Academy , away from her terrible past , but her fate has something else written as her past follows her and new challenges start to appear in her life . Will she succed the… Read More
Nyra just moved in to new locality and wanted to start a new life in Rosewood Academy, away from her terrible past , but her fate has something else written as her past follows her and new challenges start to appear in her life. Will she succed the test of… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

After the defeat of Father, Ed and Al fail to get their bodies restored. They're still searching, but with a sudden strange power, and a bounty on Edward's head, things aren't going to be easy. And despite what they say, I'm not doing them any favors, either. [Ed X OC]… Read More

Featured Review by Jonathon Asur-Robinson

"Amazing, you really captured the mannerisms. In all honesty I was a little sceptical coming into this as FMA is one of my favourite anime's but..." Read More

Book / Young Adult

June 15, 2021

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The Review Chain House

He was a man who held little ambition and wanted to live a somewhat normal life. That is, until the council made an example out of his family and the love of his life. With his pack needing an alpha to lead them, Milan is forced to brush off the… Read More
----+--------- '' FIND GANON ! '' ------ PART 2 ! ----___________ { ZELDA'S Adventure in The ''BASEMENT UNDERWORLD '' ! } ------------ 'The FURRY RED BAT and Link ! ----+-- Video game Dungeon #98 ! ------ ( '' GANONS SECRET UNDERGROUND CASTLE and BASEMENT AREA ! '') ------ { 'Kinky''… Read More
-----+------ ''FIND GANON'S CASTLE ! '' -----+---- {ZELDA'S Underground Adventure in The 'BASEMENT UNDERWORLD' ! } --------- Part 1 ! ___________ Find 'Kinky' ! ----- Secret Underground 'WARDROBE Entrance' ! ----- GANON'S UNDERGROUND CLOSET-WORLD and CASTLE ! ------ { RED Milk and ''Kinky'' ! } ------- Video Game !! Read More

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The Fantasy Realm House

Jamie Wyndwood has lived a modest life in the little hamlet of Rivermouth, trapping and trading. However, when unexpected tragedies put the townsfolk at risk, he sets off with his best friend on a dangerous journey to the capitol to seek help. What begins as a rescue mission soon becomes… Read More
I’ve always wanted to be a professional soccer player. I’ve always thought I had what it takes. I never thought I’d sacrifice so much in the pursuit of achieving my childhood dream. I never thought I’d overcome so many obstacles. It’s funny how once I got to the professional soccer… Read More
(Trigger warning: Harsh language, Abuse, Slavery, Excessive Violence, Injustice) The Celestial is a symbol of the divine, a pillar which stretches high into the heavens. It is worshipped for the blessings it brought upon the world; extraordinary power, revolutionary tools, and beings beyond understanding. Bearing its power will not only… Read More

Book / Fantasy

June 06, 2021

Asunder is a world with only one continent. Centuries ago, a great catastrophe flooded most of the world and the little land it left behind is teeming with dangerous creatures and unusual power. To escape the floods and these dangers, numerous flying cities were built that to this day still… Read More
Rokkoh, a member of The Order of Paladins, has been tasked with bringing Princess Evalina home. Though it is said the road to Walteria is safe, Rokkoh isn't so sure. If you enjoy this sample chapter, please start with Chapter One of the full novella here: Read More
A down on his luck loser has to learn and adapt to his life as a newborn vampire Read More
+-------+ { ''FOLLOW US ! - Find KINKY ! '' } +----------+ '' SECRET DARK UNDERGROUND WARDROBE: Down the Rabbit Hole ! '' ____________ Beware The Hatter ! + --------- SECRET UNDERGROUND BASEMENT !? --------- Find the White Rabbit ! -------- { VIDEO GAME #98: DARK SLUM FACILITY and KINKY… Read More
Kaiser is a young man entrusted with missions from the Duke of Abdera, the kingdom that he calls home. Soon after he delivers the unfortunate news of his last scouting trip, he missteps and ultimately finds his name tarnished. Now he leaves to seek his own truth regarding the scaled… Read More
The Son of a famous explorer, Alistair Pembroke shares his father's ambitions. Not just to follow in similar footsteps, but also to track him down and learn of his disappearance. Alistair's fate because entwined with another, and their conflicting personalities must mix to ensure the adventure is to be retold. Read More
----- FOLLOW ME ! ----______+______ { ''DANGER! ------- BEWARE of THE SECRET UNDERGROUND VIDEO-TAPE #XXX ! '' } ------------ RUN ! ------- They're Coming for You ! --------------- ''Underground Basement FURNACE and FACTORY ! '' ---- ( ''BEWARE of THE XXXX FURNACE-GENTLEMAN ! '') ----_____+_____ { Follow the Bizarre ''GRANDPA''… Read More
This book is about siblings who went to Eagle mountain and spent the day there.They had a fierce full but a exciting journey.Trip to Eagle Mountain was all what we need for a break from our hard days! Sofia is going to a trip to northern places with her little… Read More
Book 1 Of The Jake Conner Series There is a tree that is lost in endless agony. There are beings with a hunger evil and intent. There are Guardians with hearts pure and strong. This is a tale of Sacrifice and Battle and Love...that will be met with the undeniable… Read More
Gregory enters an experimental chamber built by an eccentric, but brilliant scientist. When the glass door shuts, he knows he is taking the biggest risk of his life. Well, if he dies, at least he won’t be going back to prison. Others now want their hands on the technology too,… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Josi has to move to a small town where everything seems off. This town is full of secrets that Josi has yet to uncover. There are dark forces at work, and Josi has no idea she may be the solution. Read More

Book / Fantasy

May 31, 2021

I am Enid. I am a mage. I am an adventurer. I was with my fiancé, hunting a monster, when we found ourselves cornered against the Jade Chasm, an immense pit no has come back from alive. Before I knew what was happening, my fiancé used me as bait to… Read More
Lee dies when he wasn’t supposed to, which causes God to give him a new life. Lee had the opportunity to be stupid overpowered, but he chose not to because it would get too boring. So God changes the difficulty mode to hard, where Lee would face many strong enemies,… Read More
This story began as a collaborative adventure / pass-time and quickly grew out of control. There are various versions of this tale, hence the name "(The New) Zebra Island." The collaborator's combined names might be Bobert Bringene Geimes. Clarity is almost at hand. Don't believe anything you are about to… Read More
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