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A story of a group of rebels determined to fight out of slavery and create their own nation. Read More
The Mysterious Space Travel by Harsha and his brother Read More
The Mysterious Space Travel by Harsha and his brother Bhargav Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

As the darkness continues to grow inside the world, a red and furry creature emerges from a slumber it was never meant to wake from. This furry friend goes on an adventure of a lifetime to break the dead doubt and bring hope back; join it as its world becomes… Read More

Short Story / Romance

November 16, 2018

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The Review Chain House

i'm not sad , i can't be for something i couldn't even remember.. Read More

Book / Fantasy

February 02, 2018

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21 year old Rayog, a Centillion prince born in the year 3159 on the corrupt planet Disco Mango Panda of sector 06 (D.M.P.), otherwise known as Dump to Rayog until he gets stranded with the peasants and when it reaches night only a few don't participate in the "Midnight walks"… Read More
The story follows a lonely girl that is thrown into a world of monsters and killers, and she has to save herself, but how is her choice. Read More
A man finds his way to get into his real life chasing down his dreams. Read More
We were just about to have a normal trip until we met someone at the airport. It seemed like we knew them, until we found out we had the same trip as them. We soon took on more adventures together. And many were exciting. Read more below. Read More
Janelle wants to meet the one special person that had to save her brother. Her parents refuse, but then, she gets her ways. Her parents tell her a little more something than she should know. The one special person is..... read more about The Story of the Wolves. Read More
there was once a ring found on an island called the island of the dolls. it was so bright it was lighter than a light bulb that was on close up to your face. it blinded seven people and severely damaged three peoples eyes. this story is going to be… Read More
Earth undergoes a brutal stage of life and within it, lies a whole new species of infected. Once a certain virus was obtained, it was said that the host's mind would certainly become corrupted. Head one's words and enter the world of Kuro. Devastation, loss, punishment, survival, cruelty, and the… Read More
This story is about seven animals called Junglee Friends. This team loves solving mysteries. Even they'll get modern powers. And with their powers they fight baddies. They made many weapons for themselves. Even one of their friends, who is a scientist gives them many gadgets. They live in the African… Read More
Chapter 2 is about Alve forced by her parents to start over again in a strange new town, after fleeing their last town fro fear of being charged with mass murder after they were the only survivers in the massecer. Read More
Take a SEXY DELICIOUS wild adventure and explore the world of Janeshia James. Her destiny aligned her against three formidable men, one with the knowledge to take away her position, one with the power to take away her heart and one with a deep dark secret that could change her… Read More
Brothers Michael, Gabriel, and cousin Christopher all end up in a crazy Apocalypse with the Devil's Armies ruling around the earth. Michael and his teammates must face an epic battle in this short story. Follow Me on Instagram! @michaelsalita Read More

Book / Romance

September 15, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

This is the story of a star that had fallen a 100 years ago with enormous power.A very powerful White magic Witch had seen the star falling from the sky and had rushed towards it...she could sense the magic in it and instantly cast a spell to absorb the power… Read More
Sherlock is telling the story from his point of view. Sherlock is a book, but what happens when his owner that has kept Sherlock for so long decides to get rid of him? Read More
Krystal and Jake are caught in a serious problem. What can they do to get themselves out? Meanwhile their relationship changes from bestfriend to more than that... Read More
As 14 year old Tyler Lambert is faced with many different/ puzzling cases he finds himself in a labyrinth of finding out whats after what. Will he be able to find the last piece of information he needs or will he fall apart and give up. Thats for you to… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

In chapter 1 Jasmine's roommates help her take a tour around the whole campus.Until they stopped and saw Celestine wanted to battle Jasmine, Harlee refuses to let her challenge her.Celestine agreed to challenge Harlee instead. Read More

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