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When 20% of an entire generation is written-off, one would think the nation would shout in horror and demand proper treatment and a halt to the epidemic; rather, they seek ways to alienate, isolate, and denigrate those who do. Read More
After 7 years in Vaccine "court," which is not a court at all; I learned our case was filed based upon what the attorney found easiest to file, not my child's actual case history. The attorney, no matter how inept, will be compensated (though, regardless of skill, never what they… Read More
This is my contribution to the Project Muse discussion, "Narrative Symposium: To Vaccinate or Not? Parents’ Stories:" Liz Parker. "From Ignorant Consumer to Informed Advocate: Lifting the Curtain and Confronting Oz." Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics, vol. 6, no. 3, 20 January 2017, pp. 176-180. Project Muse, Read More
Letter, Circa 2004 to Special Counsel Scott Bloch requesting Oversight of the CDC/Pharma relationship and detailing the horror that can result from this collusion. Read More

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The winter in Bangladesh was generally considered as pleasant.Usually lifestyle change in this season and many activities like,visiting countryside with family and friends, picnic,travels,sightseeing,festivals,fairs,ceremonies take place in this season. But,this winter that has started in December,2012 and rolled to January,2013 is different.Several cold waves have crippled the life of common… Read More
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