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Christmas is nearly upon us all so rush around like a mad monk and buy loads of junk presents, rap them up with see through Christmas wrapping paper, spend a shed load of money on buying quality festive Christmas cards, then pick up your pen and send those expensive… Read More
This is a 'poem' I made for class, and I do suck at poems so yeah.. This one is supposed to be inspired by "There's a War Going On for Your Mind" by the Flobots. So it's just basically talking about all the crap around you trying to manipulate your… Read More

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First of all…. Are you addicted?!? Symptoms of Facebook Addiction - Do you check Facebook like the morning newspaper? - Do you spend hours on Facebook every day? - Do you check your profile multiple times a day - Do you feel distress or anxiety when you can’t get on… Read More
THE AD AGENCY is a short story about what advertisements would look like if the government required them to be completely truthful? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Are you buying what you really want to?... This article is ideal for people who want to reflect about shopping behaviours. Read More

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