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Poem / Poetry

August 23, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

just one little word. five simple letters. one big expectation. Read More

Poem / Non-Fiction

November 03, 2016

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The Christian Writers House

Leave a time that disconnect from the ocean called humanity. May your life give birth for the vastness of true care called a heart where the temple of love resides. Let us be loyal in this harmony. :) Read More
Some friends don't need to do or say a lot, to be close to our heart, and be right there in need. There's no way we can honour these too much, can't give back too much love in return. Come close and see, just what you mean to me. Read More

Poem / Romance

September 17, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

Terrible sentiments of tiredness and downheartedness, tight as second skin. Yet the sun rises, and the moon falls, day to day anyway. A little mantra for those days... Read More
A little study on transformatory stages throughout a day, if it were just as it's supposed to be. Read More
How does it feel, to become one of the few cases of two friends existing in such perfect synergy, like twins.... Read More
A piece about the deeply destructive nature of abuse, that needs a lot of self-assurance to get over Read More
A set of verses blatantly influenced by Lucretius with dashes of Nietzsche, its screams of amor fati. Read More
This poem is an affirmation. Read More

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