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This is a love story about a man named Hendricks who shares a past life with his beloved, a man who comes into her life to take her away from her own lifetime of pain. No one realizes how deep their bond is until the memories of the prisoner's past… Read More
This is over 3000 words and may be difficult to follow, but it demonstrates how cultures differ and how progress can sometimes be slow. Read More
Learning the rope of working in Africa quickly highlighted the probles the locals faced, which would also challenge me. Read More

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I never expected to tackle this subject so fully, but here we are. I had a couple of little prompts that made me think it was worth giving it a shot. Read More

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Set in the empty plains of Africa, a male lion finds his childhood friend, an elephant who lost his memory and together they must face natural disasters in order to reach a valley as their new home. Read More
It's good to experience the vibrancy of the central market and the action going on there. I have an idea it is no longer there, so this might be a bit historical too. Read More

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A 265 word Flash Fiction. When snow falls on Africa, What does it mean? Read More

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We had to attend the funeral, but things didn't quite work out. Read More

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Two English nurses come to grips with the reality of third-world politics. Read More
You never know how the day's going to pan out. Read More
Some countries drive on the left, so this story might confuse those who drive on the right. There's not much I can do about it. Read More

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Chapter Six of the story of Yacouba and Awa, two child laborers in an African gold mine. Awa's pregnancy and delivery is concerning. Read More
Some plastic containers are too useful to throw away. Read More

Essay / Memoir

September 11, 2020

Sometimes when you are thrown into a situation, you learn a lot. But there's more to this than that. Read More

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A three part poetry series about beauty and love, in the depths of Africa. Artistic covers designed by Thandiwe Tshabalala, Project distributed by New Age Enlightenment. Read More

Short Story / Memoir

September 08, 2020

Spreading misinformation isn't very productive Read More

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A weekly news segment which covers issues concerning New Age Enlightenment. Read More
Immigration officers have to deal with a range of people and they aren't always cooperative, but when I needed a sommoth passage, they gave me one. Read More
An elderly woman joined the crowds hoping for the best. Read More
Yacouba reflects on the role of women in his home village and in the mining camp. Read More
Awa becomes pregnant. Yacouba's lack of knowledge on the subject becomes evident. Read More
When Damarea, a Nigerian native gets a one-way ticket to Kenya, she soon realizes that everything is not as different as it seemed. Read More
A humorous novel about a caravan journey through Africa and South Asia by four online gamers and a giant tortoise: Emma, the ugly but buxom Swiss; Piero, the goody-goody, not too bright Italian; Zach, the skinny and tech-savvy Brit; and Gunter, who is fat, anarchist and German. A series of… Read More

Poem / Other

June 10, 2020

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If aid money is handed out, without checks and balances, its no wonder the money goes astray. Read More
Okay, so we've all been there. You've got the van full of baked beans and curry, the missus has packed her knitting and you have a route planned out for the winter away. Boxing day, south towards Dover. A day or two to travel through France (too expensive) before entering… Read More
Gift Gugu Mona’s captivating poems in The Unfading Dream for Africa reignite a sense of Pan Africanism. It displays a collective identity that is reminiscent of the days of African forebears. Written with simplicity and consummate creativity, the book awakens the African spirit and draws the sons and daughters of… Read More
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