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A poem featuring United States writer/poet "Kia Flow". This piece seeks infuse the experiences of growing up in the ghettos of South Africa and America. Read More
A piece of literature that tackles the issue of racism in the African continent. It liberates the mind of the reader, and it inspires black consciousness in all aspects. Read More
The life of a little girl, Umutoni. Read More

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A fantasy series based on African Mythology. Princess Aneni the daughter of King Mane and queen Mosala, was born with incredible supernatural powers. On day one, she could walk and talk. Her parents were excited, worried, and grateful at the same time. They realized she possessed an ancient phenomenal gift.… Read More
If you haven't been to the villages in Africa, Zimbabwe, this is the closest you will get. This book evokes the joys of summer vacations and the adventures of life in rural areas. The picturesque illustrations will make it harder for both adults and children to skip a page. Also… Read More
She came with passion and high hopes, but soon she found herself isolated, deceived, and homeless in a multifaceted foreign country. Being young, naive, and stubborn, her dream of education was brutally and abruptly crushed. Ashamed of returning home a failure and a disgrace, Chipo navigated Berlin with the heart… Read More

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Book / Sports

February 21, 2019

Roy Jackson wants to be a winning driver for RedNeck Nascar. He faces not only pro racer Kyle Hunt, but a justice system aimed at making his Pops, whose parole board is coming up, mincemeat for the aliens of orbiting Nibiru, unless the judge witnesses Roy win the Sprint Cup.… Read More
*Why are blacks not wealthy* Excerpts from an interview with a Jewish leader about Blacks. INTERVIEWER: Why are blacks so behind Economically? JEWISH LEADER: The only thing blacks understand is Consumption. Blacks don't understand the importance of creating and building wealth.… Read More

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September 29, 2017

Black is more than Colour. Read More

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Poem / Poetry

September 22, 2017

It is about the African truth Read More

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January 23, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

Gggggg Read More
Try here for the greatest tips on writing. The African Style. Read More
The Meditations of Pilipo--the Existentialist is a novella about a man called Pilipo who turned out to be a terrorist. It details his thoughts, actions and life through the eyes of his former best friend, Godiah. The novel captures Pilipo's philosophy on religion and life which are heavily influenced by… Read More
This is a story of three men who went to South Africa on a hunting Safari. The story outlines their planning, expectations, and success. Read More
The story is about a young, good looking African woman who scams old man for money in Europe. One day she has a fling with a young writer. Unfortunately for her, the writer is very streetwise and discovers the real truth behind her. That moment he starts to write a… Read More
The story is about a young, good looking African woman who scams old man for money in Europe. One day she has a fling with a young writer. Unfortunately for her, the writer is very streetwise and discovers the real truth behind her. That moment he starts to write a… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This novel is about a woman who tries by all means to save her marriage. Find out the trials she goes through to try and achieve this. Does she win her battle?[Hope you enjoy it ]. Read More
This is a short story or essay I wrote about the ever-present racism that is still spread like cancer throughout the United States. I have started a movement to end one tendril of this cancer by referring to African Americans as Blacks, simply because they are just as American… Read More
This is a poem dedicated to females and specifically African women who have endured so much in life Read More
Just a piece of my imagination of a street couple getting money and gaining power until the fast life finally catches up to them.(I'm not done with the story yet let me know if I should continue) Read More
An exciting story of the coming of the white christian missionaries into Africa. The changes, crisis, trials, and the battles. Read More
Apart from my apparent love for writing, my reason for choosing to write MEMOIRS OF A MODERN HAUSA GIRL, is to shed light on the worrying issues that affects my society today, especially the issue of marriage. Even though the view of marriage as a union for life, is starting… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Spirit of Africa rise. Read More

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The story takes place in 1962 Chicago, a time of innocence, before the turbulence of the sixties would literally change the world. The characters are best friends from the Bronzeville neighborhood on Chicago's south side. They are all typical youngsters, wild, carefree, and full of hope, and promise. It is… Read More
I remain inclined and rooted in the ideology of communism. A free society that enjoys financial and spiritual freedom. Read More
Just a summary of my past years and whats going on in my life now Read More
Accounts of ancient visitors to America .Emphasis is on corroborating the presence of the appearance of ancient African and Semetic people within the Americas by lithic and cultural evidence. Emphasis is always made to the presence of early societies in Central and South America. It appears that their visitations were… Read More
A terse history of Africa, personified as a woman and told with imagery and rhyme. Read More
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