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Timculés was born with a special gift to control time. He could send humanity into the far past( stone age) or the far future(Quantillion Years or googol year). Miss Molly taught them an exciting lesson on the ages and era of human existence. This ignited Timculés and his girlfriend's interest… Read More
Two Galaxies fell in love. Eight planets were born legitimately. Earth ruled the galaxy. It was time for a new ruler to ascend the throne of the galaxy. War broke out. Who won? Who become the next ruler of the galaxy, Juve or Cosmos? This story will intrigue as you… Read More
Max and Helen were lovers from their High School days. When Max got a job and left the town,things changed and the problem was heightened by Helen's pregnancy. Then disaster struck Max. Now Helen wanted to preserve his boyfriend's memory in Mandy's eyes. ...then Mandy chanced on his mother's secret… Read More
Rudolph was born and raised in a strong Christian Home. After completing his education,He got a job in a media house where he met Dorah. Now thirty minutes to his wedding,something happened which marred their much expected happiness on the wedding day. Now there seemed to be only one way… Read More
Frank watched his father regretted his actions on his deathbed- his refusal to care for the family and his womanizing attitude. Before he died,his father told him to get something but Frank didn't know what it because of his father's mumbling over the words and his death in mid -sentence.… Read More
Richard was always maltreated and abused by the woman he called his mother. As he grew older,he began to question if Akosua was really his mother. Is there any secret behind his mother's maltreatment. Find out in "MOTHER'S WRATH " Read More
This is a story of highly romantic girls in High School in a remote village called Tutukpene. Their mission is to lure newly posted teachers in the school. Then Millson Lamptey was posted. Will he be the element of change or he will also join the bandwagon.? Read More
Aderonke's family and Ajibola's family were enemies. When Aderonke Karl grew and began working,he had a freely neighbour but their relationship turn sour when his neighbour asked of his name,Despite that,Aderonke showed his neighbour divine love...find our what happened next. Read More
Dan married a beautiful woman. As the years passed and his wife gave birth,she became obsessed and that was where the troubles begin Read More
This is a story of earth and her 7 sons and how each of her sons managed to survive. Five of Earth's sons were quite rich but two are still struggling. Read More
Kweku Donkoh went to Nigeria in search for a better life. He became a houseboy in a richman's house. Strange things begun happening in the night and Kweku became Curious. Read More
A lady bet with her friend Suzzy that her husband can never cheat on her. Suzzy think he will.The question is ,WHO will win? Read More
Stella suspected her husband of cheating on her. She decided to catch him in the act but her scheme took a different direction. Find out how... Read More
This is a story of an experience I once had. It was a joyful experience tainted with fear at the end.You don't want to miss this. Read More
Agent Felix kym was the head of the presidential escort squad after resigning from Anti Terrorism Department. When his President signed an Anti -Terrorist Agreement with Pedro De Liz of Tuvulu,The battle line is drawn. President Marion knew the battle line is drawn. The terrorists will come after her.Now, Can… Read More
Two sons inherited a river from their boy father before he died. Now,they have to use their intelligence to succeeded from their inheritance- the river. Who will succeed. The first son,second son or both.Find out in ~The two brothers Read More
Disobedience always come with a price tag.Elvis learnt that the hard way. Read More
When Ambrose completed school,he became a pastor with the aim of making money.He joined a secret cult and became rich and powerful. The cult had one condition-sleep with only virgins but make sure they never get pregnant or give birth. Will Pastor Ambrose be able to fulfill all this Conditions? Read More
Kobla and his friends were sent to a remote village for their national service. The villagers respected and welcome them. They started associating with the women and then...there was TROUBLE. Read More

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This poem draws attention to the uncertainties of modern love. The fact that the one you love can easily betray your love makes love in modern society a great risk. Read More
Charles always liked making and chatting on phone until he had a ghostly experience. Will he survive it? Read More
A student by name Lerato had fallen in love with Mr.Appiah who was a teacher of high morals. Can she seduce him? Read More
Mavis had always been a bad girl,always chasing men even when married,until she saw a picture innocently dream by her daughter. Read More
Jesse and Sam have been childhood friends until Sam betrayed his friend Jesse. When Jesse met Sam's Daughter Miranda, the tide turned.How?Check out in ~Unplanned Revenge. Read More
Jerry had always been an unhappy child but became cheerful at the university until his teacher asked him to write an essay which reminded him of his past painful experiences. Unknown to him,his teacher also had similar experience. Read More
This Story is about how a very clever woman use tricks to teach her husband very important lessons in life and also help him to become successful in a way he didn't realise at first.Later he acknowledged his wife is indeed a clever woman. Read More
The story"Selfless Love "is about two lovers in a certain village who love each other so much that they are willing to sell the only possession they have just to make the other person happy. The end result of this selflessness will surprise you. Read More
Mawulorm Zanu used to love Facebook until she accepted a friendly request from a mysterious boy called Jeffery Yeboah. They had an encounter which results in Mawulorm becoming pregnant.She tried to contact Geffery but he was no where to be found. Read More
Jefferson and Tina applied for a house help when Tina was promoted to the position of chief accountant.After a few days,Mark turned up as the house boy.Tina had a crush on Mark and tried to lure him into her bed but Mark also had his own plans to outsmart and… Read More
This Story is a about a young man who strive to become great in life without getting influenced by the bad lifestyles of his friends in High school. Read More
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