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Johnson,a teenage boy had a crush on his teacher. He was convinced Miss Tamarinda will reciprocate his love,but will She accept or reject him?What next.Find out in this thrilling story. Read More
Sarah decided to go back home after running away from her brother's wedding. Three months later,she decided to return home. Suddenly,She made certain heartbreaking discoveries that will forever change the relationship between her and her brother. What she didn't know was, more surprises were also in stock for her, back… Read More

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To Osborn,everything and everyone must be perfect. Will that affect him in future? Only time will tell..... Read More
When you have an important match like El-clasico,it only takes a genius to make the difference and Lionel Messi proved to be. Read More
Zanuk poisoned his brother, the king, through the royal cook , because he had always wanted to be the king.He also stabbed Mazuka, his nephew when he was just a baby and threw his body outside the wall of the Great Jalanangai kingdom but Mazuka was saved by an alien… Read More
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