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Agape is the word in the Greek New Testament for divine love. It is the ultimate unselfishness shared from eternity past to eternity beyond between God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. It is the most powerful life changing force that God grants those who come… Read More
A poem about unconditional love between friends. Agape platonic. Read More
When one member of the human race (person A) is applying agape love toward another member of the human race (person B), person A’s application of agape love to person B does NOT imply that person A will do something sacrificially beneficial for person B. Read More
Love that kept on reaching out, too deep for the wisdom of man to understand, endures all the possible pains and yet stayed strong and true until the end.; love so true has hands so tender that it will gently pick up the broken pieces and gracefully put them together… Read More

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When a girl is tempted by suicide, all it takes is a warm act of kindness to keep her from falling apart. Read More
This article is designed to show that what newly born-again Christians may call their love for God in response to their salvation is actually appreciation for Him, not love for Him. Its design is clarify, not criticize. Read More
My God is real, this actually happened to me, and this is my poetry version of how it happened. Read More
This article provides a workable definition/description for the kind of love that God the Father requires of every born-again Christian. Read More
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