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[© 2014 ] Ava messing was just like any other 15 year old, Until her father dies of lung cancer. Now with a letter from her late father telling her and her mother to leave the state and start anew everything just seems to be unraveling. But then Ava discovers… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Ariel is the daughter of the well known Parker family. Her father is known for his excellence in law enforcement and her mother for her talent in writing reviews and advertisements as a reporter, but what happens when the man she falls in love with is despised by not only… Read More

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June 23, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Every time she talks, it echo's around my mind. Every time I see her smile, that's all I can see for the rest of the day. It seems like a great fairy tale, but its not all that simple. This is my story, the story of how I, Ryan's Cole,… Read More
First chapter on confessions of young wife with much older husband and how they try to resolve sexual problems Read More
When thought takes over, you can’t help but think what might be; what might become of this. And yet, part of me tells me no, but my heart calls, wanting to be with this person. The only thing standing between us is age. 15 and 18 may seem close, but… Read More
this is a true story, based off of my memories and experiences... I had been at my girlfriend's house while her parents were out of town and she tried to, well, rape me in a sense. Recently, I decided to rewrite my memories down.. this is how I remember that… Read More
Jenny is sick of all the shallowness around her. Nobody around her seems to care! Read More
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