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Jeice, Andrew and Lazuli, special members of the Green Ribbon Humanitarian Organization travel to the South African wilds to investigate rumors of a bizarre disease sweeping the land. They hoped to get through it quickly but the search just might prove to be more than it seemed. -This story is… Read More
"Living in the world, where I look behind my back every second. Examine every person that walks by, it isn't the best. And as much as I hate to admit, I don't want you to experience it." +++++++++++++++++++++++ She holds a secret He holds a secret -Wanna be my lover-… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Audrey was cold and heartless, not the type to fall in love so quickly. With her demanding job as Commanding Agent of a highly specialized and top secret team, her time for anything else was greatly diminishing. With Lynn suddenly in her life, Audrey begins to question just how secretive… Read More

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The The Imaginarium House

Short story written for a cover by Booksie member Markie Bee Read More

Featured Review by Jeff Bezaire

"A lovely piece of fiction. Too bad it's only fiction. I like her sassy character - the way you narrow down the selection to her is well done, ..." Read More

The second book installment of When Love Calls.Mature Audience Is Advised. Read More
Jerome, a special-agent at the Radical agency struggles with his life as the past catches up with the present. Read More
Jeremy Rodgers spent most of his life without getting to involved with his mother's side of his family. But that all changed when he got a package in the mail. A package with something in it that made him get involved, before he lost his brother. North and South,… Read More

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So, you wanna be a secret agent? How's this for a first assignment? Just, don't be fooled...there may be more to this story. Please feel free to leave genuine comments. If the story sucks, I want to know. If you like the story but the writing is… Read More

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There are three agency's in the test. Trojan Knights, Gray Eagle, and Phantom Bird. Each has 2 teams that are allowed into the test. Once selected they cannot chose to leave. Either your agency goes down and you with it, or you join another agency. Only one will succeed.… Read More
The second short story in the SEA franchise. After the events from Sbabalom Six, the Secret Earth Army return to their sky-base, Poseidon for their next mission brief. But things take an unexpected turn for the worse when someone on the base turns out to not be who they appear… Read More
There was a killer named the "Mutilation Man" who ran around the US killing people in the 1960's. After he was killed because of the death penalty, there is a new Mutilation Man running around. Westerly Isles tries to find the motive of the copycat killer. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Alexander Revlin works for Canopy, well did, but now they need him again. For another mission, and this time he could uncover the truth about the mission that killed his squad, six other Canopy operatives and left Alex a shell of what he once was. Read More

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“Infiltrated” is the second in the line of short story episodes, or “Storysodes” in The Crymson Guard series. The team’s new headquarters is infiltrated by Demons and they must figure out how to combat and protect themselves from this new threat. Read More
“Prisoner 500” is the first in the line of short story episodes, or “Storysodes” in The Crymson Guard series. A team consisting of an Agent, a Wizard, a Knight, A Fairy, and a Healer is brought together to save Earth from enslavement and slaughter by Demons. Read More
Dani is a failing teenage actress. She knows that if she doesn't get the part she just auditioned for, her acting career is over. Of course, what are the chances when hundreds of girls show up for one part? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A mysterious creature lurks in the darkness terrorizing a village in Sumatra. Carnacki and the agents of S.P.E.A.R. must find and stop it before it strikes the village. Read More
My story, expected to be in around 5 parts. Read More
Dr. Yes is an Evil Genius that wants world domination and does anything to get it. His parents were killed when he became an adult and he hopefully one day he will find who is responsible for this matter. He has friend and his second in command that he met… Read More
Two Agencies: AID & IMO Three Agents: Vanessa, Ben, & Marcus Loyalties Change, Dangers Follow. Is Vanessa going to end up on top? Or is she going to end up like her sister, Amber? Shortly after graduation, Vanessa Vedo and her best friend, Benjamin Gabriel, are sent to Sicca, Ohio.… Read More
Mathew Farrell's back, and this time he sets off in Vegas, Miami and Florida, to fight the unknown diamond smuggler who is supplying them to the terrorist group SIN. Read More

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I wrote those Three short stories: Non-existents killers, it is a story about two very good professional killers, That Agent, story about very special agent, Form of immortally Story about someone, who just become vampire. Originally I wrote those short stories in my language, but because I wanted more feedback… Read More
The arrival of two other members of Stephen's family and their fight against the witches. Read More
"Kaspar Kane is an ordinary agent with an extraordinary safeguard." A spy employed under CSIS, the Canadian Secret Service, is "mission complete". He has acquired Delta Status and is given his latest assignment. Drugs, smuggling, alcohol, guns, twists and science all in one book. An espionage-comedy that will not disappoint!… Read More
Agent 1- Reloaded This is my new Book for agent, If you didn't read the first one i recommended it to you. Agent 1 is reunited with Kirsty, Kirsty also joins BKSS and is a good agent. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Would you die for your love... Read More
This is a Steampunk adventure story set during the Victorian era. In an age when steam technology is improving leaps and bounds, agent Sven has to retrieve a dosier. - Edited 12/10/2013. Read More
The Prequel to Kiss Me, Kill Me. It should be read after Kiss Me, Kill Me tho. This will give a background story to agent Sven and how he came to be the man he is. (Just so you know I haven't even properly 1st drafted this, it's very raw… Read More
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