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If you want to eat well, go to the local farmer and ask for fresh, organic food. And you are sure to find "the best food in the world" if you go to the farm of Georges. It was so until Georges got into trouble with the agrobusiness who tried… Read More

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December 20, 2014

A sestina. The day is happy,/with the sun shining and birds chirping, the pigs/grunting in their cart, waiting to die, Read More
How four people solve unemployment problems. Read More
Smithsonian came to “acquire” the bronze book. I had already taken photographs of each of the pages within the book. After a year of translating the text I felt compelled to share the story discovered. Even though I was warned not to share this content with the public, I have… Read More
This is an essay on the frightening state of our food industry and how important it is to educate yourself, read labels and make wise choices before you take that bite. Read More
The stories of of three survivors on a contemporary post-human Earth. Read More
This article is a self interview meant to bring out some points based on the experiences of the Physicist in Agriculture. Read More
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