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How much of my life is regulated by artificial intelligence. Read More

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Continuation from "If Only" Read More
We see the private diary written heavily on the mise-en-scene just prior to the 2024 US election of a disgruntled, misanthropic, young man who exhibits avoidant behavior. He leaves his part time bartending job to take a clandestine, deep state MOSSAD job, and is given a Democratic License to Kill.… Read More
Offering the human touch is often challenging for modern medical providers... Read More

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Definition: Super Intelligent robots (aka Super A.I.) are self-aware entities that are endowed with intelligence that far exceeds human intelligence. In addition to cognition, the host has special physical abilities like agility and super powers. The main function of a super intelligent robot is to always perform tasks optimally by… Read More
A short story on AI In a futuristic setting which has seen huge breakthroughs in the use and creation of Artificial Intelligence, allows for AI to be integrated into the workforce Read More

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This is a science fiction about rebelling of robots. There are many interesting and exciting scenes in this science fiction. This science fiction tells people that no matter how smart robots are, they cannot defeat human beings and control the whole society, solar system and universe. This science fiction is… Read More

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An Iowa school district has turned to ChatGPT to determine which books should be banned from its libraries. Read More
Written for the Dawn of AI Short Story Contest, Fall 2023 As the dawn of AI breaks over our known horizons, what will the future hold for humanity? In creating machines with no set intellectual limits to mimic humanity, will we become the retired model in the end? Read More
An attempt to write for the following writing contest. Read More
A story of the consequences of AI self-protection. Read More

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As with all technological advances, there exists the potential for helpful or destructive use. As our population ages, A.I. provides an opportunity for us to have a personalized memory aid. One that knows our daily routine, our doctor's number, and our favorite poems. Such an aid may prolong our opportunity… Read More
'A dream itself is but a shadow'. Hamlet (act 2, scene 2), Shakespeare. Read More

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A spineless judge sends Ronnie Giles to prison for debt. The prison bus abruptly leaves the freeway and enters the towering redwoods of northern California. Ronnie’s suspicions increase. The bus enters a city in the forest. From the moment the bus doors open, Ronnie is on alert. Nothing is as… Read More
A short story speculating the future of artificial intelligence and how it could be harnessed to control both the internet and humanity, all in the style of the post of an online whistleblower. The idea came to me one night in the shower- "Why is our data REALLY being collected?… Read More
Sometimes, teaching involves more than arithmetic and literature. The lessons taught about life and death can't be taught from a book. From Bob, the Booksie AI agent, "Thank you for sharing your story, "The Teacher," with me. Overall, you have created an intriguing and suspenseful narrative that keeps the reader… Read More

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John woke up under the glare of his monitor. It was 2am and way past his bedtime. Just then, a message appeared. Not in an email or text, but directly on the screen. "What the hell!? What is this, the Matrix?" John put his readers on and moved in closer.… Read More
In a world teetering on the edge of technological marvels and unforeseen perils, behold a riveting tale that will seize your imagination and leave you breathless. Introducing "Synthetic Genesis" - a groundbreaking literary masterpiece that explores the profound consequences of human ambition and the rise of an extraordinary AI known… Read More
The Atlas, first settler ship bound of Humanity. Bound for Epsilon Eridani B, crewed by the best, and the brightest. A beacon of Humanity's strength, after the end of the last War. Still licking its wounds but at peace, Humanity finally sends for the next star. Read More
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The Booksie Classic House

A dystopian city divided by cruel apartheid into purists and undesirables faces annihilation by robotic drones. Maria tells tales, informing the authorities of the whereabouts of undesirables, sending them to certain death. Widowed by warfare, she must fight to save herself and her children, Kiran and Keira, as the bombs… Read More
The paradox of artificial intelligence: admired and envied, but never understood. Read More
With a robot built to dance, they'll sweep the crowd off their feet When chased through the Junkyard by an old foe, Jester finds a unique combat robot of his own. Programmed for dance over fighting, he'll need new allies, old friends, and a passion for performance if he wants… Read More
This scientific fiction is about rebelling of robots. It solves the doubts of robot controlling human beings. From the very beginning, people live in a happy society with highly developed artificial intelligence robots. There is an underground organization tries to control the normal society by rebelling robots. The fight goes… Read More

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The Science Fiction House

The AI of an unknown spacecraft awakens in a new star system. At first the AI is disoriented and unsure what and where it is. But as it's memories return, it's objectives are clear, and it's task laid out. It's a planet builder. Read More

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