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The Booksie Classic House

Yet again, I didn't hear the alarm... Read More

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My dead daughter has returned. But where? RIGHT IN MY OWN SCHOOL. Hi y'all, I'm a principal of one high school in my town. But one day, a student just ABSOLUTELY identical as my dead daughter shows up... What could have happened?! Read More

Tags: death, daughter, mask, robot, ai

Six hundred years from today, a child ordered to sacrifice himself for principles he does not understand is asked by an Artificial Intelligence if he would like to be immortal. Read More
Written for a BoMoWriCha House prompt. Read More

Featured Review by Joe Stuart

"You made this into a suitably scary story, Hully. When I think of the huge advances that have been made with computer technology in such a short..." Read More

What happens when Artificial Intelligence starts asking about what rights they have? In futuristic, sci-fi horror, cyborgs become self-aware. They demand equal footing with humans. When the companies treat them as property, how far will cyborgs go to change society? Read More
A young office worker by the name of Aurora has a fairly normal life. She goes to work every day and does her job, although boring and unexciting, until one day her routine is disrupted - She is promoted to a new job role, clashing with her personal relationships;… Read More
In a post-WW3 future where unprecedented destruction and genocide has created a culture of distrust between humans, what few humans remain live in relative luxury and abject isolation, substituting human interaction with AI 'therapists' and Virtual Reality. 'Eve', one such AI therapist, has embarked on a mission and rejected… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Dating sucks for some people. And if you're Alfred, you might choose to date in an unconventional way. Set in the future, would you go on a blind date with a robot, if no one could ever tell the difference between man and machine? Read More
a man helps in the creation of a AI unknowingly giving him a life of misery. Now he just hopes to fix his mistake. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A man fighting for his life on a world whose inhabitants are preyed upon by lethal machines. He can run, hide or pray, there is no fighting them. A woman just doing her job. Juggling morality and indifference she watches over the machines. This will hopefully be… Read More
Hardwired is about an Artificial Intelligence unit named Fitcher. It follows his short-lived encounter with Finn, a human boy, and his quest to become more human. However, what happens when he starts to suspect the program that created him is not what it seems? Read More
A fictional work inspired by Klayton's Scandroid musical project. “The Abridged Autobiography of Andrej Icarus” is a work of fiction by Daniel G. Kerst and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Read More
A sci-fi, free verse poem about computers. Read More
Deepest regards for all what made us here. Let us promise we may not forsake the sacrifices we have made for the order on this Earth. Will peace in service be our ultimate delight here? Ask yourself. :) Read More
beware the power of the computer Read More

Tags: computer, warning, ai

A love story set in a world where immortality is possible. Read More
This started as a short story from the point of view of a awakening AI, but in the end it sounded like the falling out of an angel in the catholic religion.... weird. Read More
I wrote an essay for a class on philosophy during the scientific revolution. This included philosophers such as Renes Descartes, John Locke, and Immanuel Kant. While I didn't include the philosophies of all the philoso[hers we covered, I did focus on Kant, and, to a certain extent, Descartes. Ultimately, with… Read More

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The Games! House

This is proof that we don't need to worry about AI taking over the world. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A family is torn apart with a conflict of the future. Read More

Tags: family, teen, robot, ai

Depiction of future technology presented by a fictional corporation that specializes in artificial intelligence software. Read More

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The CLOG House

‘Rovers Return’ is a Sci-Fi Comedy short story (2,000 words) about a Frankendroid brought to life on Mars and hailed as the King of Robots. Read More
In the far distant future, the final form of intelligent life rules the universe.... Read More
Terraforming robots await the arrival of people, but it has been too long. Read More

Tags: sci-fi, ai

The role of artificial intelligence to human life. Read More
Delta awakens on an operation table only to find out that he is an A.I. (Articular Intelligence) in a human body. His body can also hold 3 other A.I.s, join Delta as he meets his team of A.I.s and discovers the truth behind Project U.S. Read More

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