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Book Genre: Mystery, Suspense/Fiction Book Word Count: 85,256 “911, What is your emergency?” “I think someone is trying to break in to my home.” Joy could hear her television set beeping as the emergency broadcast system chimed in. “Ma’am, a terrible storm is approaching. You need to get to a… Read More
"In the hours before my 30th Birthday I had an Epiphany I stood in the mirror, naturally and embraced the essence of life. I pulled back some of the skin around my eyes. I searched for lines and wrinkles, skin blotching, and age lines around the corners of my mouth.… Read More
My inspirational thoughts is a collection of notes, advice, and keys to success. Without mistakes and failures one can not be successful. Tour my journey through sickness and health, which led me to a new beginning, and the Rebirth of my soul. Read More
Joy Anderson is a high profile Literary agent and journalist with whom owns her own magazine. Work is her muse, as the dynamics of her family are often stressful. Plagued with the responsibility that comes with being the eldest sibling she wears the hat of both mother sister and financier,… Read More
Article taken from the Written Works Of Aija M. Butler, Lovesjoy, The Rebirth of My Soul, Resurrection. Inspirational and Motivational collection, to replenish the soul. Read More
My Hero is an excerpt from my book, "Life Honestly After, The Undeniable Equitable Truth. Life Honestly after shares truth as to what happens after the the twists and turns life brings our way, both good and bad. Read More
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