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As a lad, I watched aircraft with awe, and still, there's something about them Read More
What should have been a routine takeoff from a short West Australian mining strip goes spectacularly wrong. Join me in the cockpit for an adrenalin fuelled ride! Read More
A helicopter team culls giant beasts with missile fire. 500 words. Read More
What happens when you occupy another’s land can manifest into a violent response. A foreign garrison is under severe attack, their salvation is the massive air support. While the ground battle rages the salvation faces the gauntlet of a prepared enemy air defense. Who wins the contest? Story’s bedrock is… Read More
High above the trenches bloody, the birds of war watch on. Read More

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Madness haunts the hunter who stumbles upon unexpected quarry.... Read More
My apologies to Rod Sterling and William Shatner for what I did to "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet". Read More
There are two different kind of pilots, civilians and military. Civilians carry passengers and luggage on board. Military carry soldiers, missiles and bombs. Here we will talk about fighter pilots. To be more accurate about US Air Force pilots, or if your prefer elite pilots of the US Army. Tom… Read More

Book / Action and Adventure

January 08, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

In this action packed adventure you will experience a plane crash. 25 year old pilot, Lydia Monseph, has piloted many planes before with no problems and then one day, an engine catches fire and the plane crashes on a myseyerious island. The surviving passengers and crew mates alongside Lydia must… Read More
So this is my first sort of complete book. I've yet to finish editing and make a proper front cover so it'll be a rough cover for now. The story follows the lives of two teenage Cadets who end up in a what if situation of what happens if the… Read More

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concorde, capable of flying of twice the speed of sound for hours on end, one hundred passengers in it's sleek fuselage, introduced in 1971, this engineering marvel flew the skies past the speed of sound for 27 years. retiring in 2003 after a fulfilling career after a mysterious crash that… Read More
it's a tale of a general charging into battle against overwhelming odds. it's no fairytale, people will die here. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

How great would it be if you actually found someone who loved you this much?!? Read More
... Hilton, pursued by two thugs - steals airplane, escapes, then crashes... Read More
... assasination of a govenment minister during an air display... Read More
Ok so you want to be a Air Hostess? Do you dream of dating fit pilots, fit passangers of the layovers in exotic destinations? Living the High Life of the Glitz and Glam and the perks of the job? Think Again Make a date with rubber gloves, gash bags and… Read More
A man suddenly gets tired of following orders and decides to escape the battlefield aboard the most lethal weapon ever created. However, as the story unfolds he finds out that the reality is much different than he thought… Read More
a true story about myself--events of my flying a light aircraft in arizona--otis english---any image i add is one of my paintings- Read More
greetings--this is a true story about my adventure-in an a-20 military aircraft 1944 -otis english--any image i add -is one of my paintings- Read More

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Poem / Memoir

January 01, 2008

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The Booksie Classic House

DC-3. Second part of TRAINS/PLANES/AUTOMIBINES Read More

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