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When taking their first flight in many years, will an older couple experience travel misery or travel in full comfort class? Read More
A young boy wants to take vacation by plane rather than sitting in back seat of car Read More
This is your captain speaking … #2 novel in The Joel Nordman Series checking in. “It’ll be a long day, but it’ll be good to get home.” Robert is still standing after the traumatic experience several months ago where his plane had been hijacked with the Governor of Minnesota on… Read More

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Fasten your seatbelts and hold onto your hand rest for the air-tight aviation thrilling series! Robert Johnsen is born to fly; eyes always locked on the horizon. If he’s not working at Pilots N Paws or freight operating, he’s a volunteer disaster responder with AERObridge, venturing into dangerous terrains to… Read More

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At 30,000 feet, I enact the policy of individualism. Read More

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The story is about a person who is going on a vacation, but on the trip, something very bad is happening... Read More
A Microlight pilot is called on to land a passenger plane. Read More
When I was very young I decided to try and build and airplane in my garage. The results were not successful. Read More

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August 25, 2017

What is it like to be on an airplane Read More

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You never know how amazing a person is until you lose it but if it was meant to be you'll get that someone back. When you do you'll never let that person go. Read More

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spooner ranch is a historical site on the central california coast. this is a fictional, yet historical, account of alden spooner and how he grew a small business in his lifetime establishing a cheese processing plant catering to the likes of william randolph hurst in the early 1900's. Read More
Going to America from the old country without knowing English , he is lost in the air! What happens next? We will see! Read More
Once upon a time two teenaged girls decided to spend their Junior year in Italy expecting to find designer-clad matches and adventure. What they didn't expect is everything that followed; lizard men and evil lairs, love, and friends in the most unlikely of places. Hop on the roller coaster ride… Read More
A poem that I wrote while letting my mind run away with me during a flight on an airplane. I wrote this poem during a point in time when I was working on reviving my poetry writing skills while regaining my sense of emotions. Luckily after lacking emotions for 10… Read More
When you think of a runaway woman in a dress you think of a bride, right? This is not the case. When Lacey's best friend gets engaged, she immediately asks for Lacey to be her maid of honor. All the planning and love gets Lacey thinking about how much she… Read More

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An elderly man is fulfilling an old dream of parachuting. But is it more to it than that? Read More
A peek into the life of Michael, a business man on a flight home. How is a simple flight transformed by the memory of a fateful night so long ago? This is the first of a series of stories in which I will attempt to connect the main characters in… Read More
Setting the timer for one hour again. It will having something to do with planes. I know nothing else. Read More

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A first-time skydiving adventure. Read More
Kirsten spends vacation in Germany and falls in love with the cute barista, who happens to be a friend's friend. And faces the choice to leave him, or to stay. FOR THE PICTURE PERFECT STORY CONTEST. Read More

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This is a recount of an experience. Depicted here are the moments before I died in an airplane crash, and what, in death, I found. Though I personally cannot call it such with any conviction, you may think of it as a dream. Read More
Man discovers generator for creating hole to somewhere else and finds alien world. Read More
I'm kind of afraid of flying. Planes just creep me out and this appeared to be the trip from hell. You will never get me on a plane like this again, missing people, faulty wings and full out fear. Time to takeoff.  Read More
... Hilton, pursued by two thugs - steals airplane, escapes, then crashes... Read More
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