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' The Damned Lover ' is a romantic and obsessional poem written by A.J.B Minime in May 2015.The main topic tackles the issue of an unhappy lover, whom reproaches his beloved coward departure.You will read the lamentation of this broken-hearted man. This poem will be a part of ' The… Read More
' Tofino Recall and Farewell ' or ' Do you remember Tofino ? ' is a nostalgic and romantic poem written by A.J.B Minime, in May 2015, right after is trip in Tofino, a small waterfront village in Canada, just at the beginning of the Pacific Ocean. " Through your… Read More
" After the fall of the Old World led by spirits, as a result of a long battle, humans took the power. For decades, the human race governed the United Tall with peace and harmony .... Until the dwarf people decide to rebel. Thus, then begins a fight against time… Read More
' An Important D'Cision ' is a short story by A.J.B Minime, written in 2013. The story was published in french by the Montpellier Academy and Floril√®ge Editions ( France ). Sorry for the poor english, I just begin in that language. " When it comes to the duty, you… Read More
' Internal Love ' or ' Love With Your Entire Heart ' is a sad song by the author and singer A.J.B Minime, between August 2014 and Mars 2015. Originally written in Sango ( Central African Republic main language ) as original version, the song have become an actual hymn,… Read More
' The Little Gravestone Under The Ocean ' is a tragic poem by teen author A.J.B Minime, written in 2014. The whole story is about the soul someone or something which feels connected with the entiree world after the passing of a beloved one. " Even when everything is buried… Read More
' Elizabeth's Farewell ' is a short story written by the teenage writer A.J.B Minime, in January 2015. It is a freely inspired fanfiction from ' Pride And Prejudice ' by Jane Austin. " Show me what you've done, I will tell you who you are... " Read More
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