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This is for all women who have been in a relationship with a toxic male/immature/idiotic man. Live life free of their controlling grasp and enjoy your freedom. (Dedicated to mum my who endured, battled and survived years of domestic abuse and violence.) Read More
Who is the Sudoku Lord? What is his dream? How will he achieve his dream? Is a mad man, a villain? Could you imagine living in a world where sudoku rules supreme? Read More
Ridiculous, wacky, stupid, gross and complete nonsense. This is what life is like when you live with fifteen cats. Their company keeps me sane. However, they have control over my entire life. Read More
The story follows a teenage boy's journal entry. He is having difficulty making a decision that involves a girl. The boy is in two minds on what he should do and writes about the events that made him ponder over the girl. This is my first story I hope you… Read More
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