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A group project for poetry class. I did most of it though =/ Basically what's going on is a dead soldier is kind of remembering what happened at the Alamo. Not to terribly detailed but gives you a general idea I guess. Read More
This is the 3rd part of the Zombie Nightmare Squad series. Hope you like it! Read More
Allison Parker is not your average teenager in the 1830's. Her father was the last known survivor of the Alamo. He beat the odds and became the only survivor of the Alamo and for that Allison was nicknamed Alamo. When an old enemy comes to town and her father is… Read More

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Hello reader! This is a sequel to "Cheerleaders are Actually Very Scary" so if you don't want to be lost, then you should read that first! Have you have read the above story, then enjoy the second enstallment! Read More
This story is a fictional interaction of real people who fought and died in the Texas Revolution during the Goliad Campaign in March 25, 1843. The Goliad Campaign was a series of battles, which led to the Goliad Massacre. Troops from Mexico defeated the Texian forces during a run of… Read More

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