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Book / Romance

January 17, 2017

Alice Grant survived the hell that was Isla Sorna, but now she must endure it all over again on sight b, Isla Nublar. Alice has survived it once, she can survive it again, but at what cost? She must endure the nightmares all again and battle annoying armatures, who don't… Read More
she is the mystery leader of the illuminato find group. she is the mother of belly and sister of evil grill and she is wife of mad max and best friend with nico mcflurry... she is ellan ripley and this her story. Read More
This is an area centric biography on Alan Davies, one of many famous people to come from Chingford, North-East London. This article was originally published in The Chingford Directory in May 2012. Read More
A man makes a choice he won't remember long enough to regret Read More
An adventure of mystery and excitement as Alencius and his party stormed the castle. Read More
The world of Terragas has been at peace for two millennium. The last war brought balance between the forces of Highvark and the Underdark. Despite this peace, the forces of the Underdark wish to conquer middle earth and lead an assault on Highvark. The balance of the world lies on… Read More
Article that originally appeared in Urban Pie Magazine. Read More
Elodie, a sweet little girl --or so everyone thinks-- talks to her close friend Zack, in an attempt to become closer. Main Characters: Elodie DeNiro - Vampire. Silas DeNiro - Elodie's human twin. Zack Kotecki - Elodie's also human friend. Supporting Characters: Alan "Dracula" - Silas' crush. George - Owner… Read More

Book / Literary Fiction

September 29, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

A middle-aged man, average in every way, has always been completely content in his life. But when he meets a girl who brings on problems of her own, he will learn that not only has he been putting up a front to the world, but a front to himself. Read More
here are the pics of what i think my characters look like... Read More
Dr. Alan Mitchell's patient Grant is finally opening up to his therapist. But, what if his confession is too much for Dr. Mitchell to handle? Read More

Book / Young Adult

February 18, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Alan was accused of a crime he did commit, and so was sent to the juvenile prison. It was nothing but a town filled with teenagers, but the town seemed a lot more than just the teenagers. Everyone there acts strange, yet so normal. Alan just wants to go home… Read More

Book / Action and Adventure

June 03, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

The epic that David (Lawliet) started to write but then left Booksie. We are now going to finish it together and put it on my Booksie. Read More
I wrote this whilst thinking about Alan, the boy I am so hopelessly in love with, who doesn't in fact love me back, or like me back for that matter. This is to him. Alan, if you ever read this, I love you and I hope maybe sooner or later… Read More
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