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The Booksie Classic House

Carmen George is a strong spirited 22 year old, and the daughter of two wealthy estate owners. When her parents arrange her marriage to a mysterious and severe woman named Alberta Green she is naturally reluctant, but relents to at least spend some time with the woman shes supposed to… Read More
I had my dream life waiting for me: a beautiful German girl to move in with, a gorgeous mountain town to explore and write about, and now this job offer. But that's when they hit me with the news, "Now you're gonna have to cut that hair. We just don't… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I had to make a poem based off the movie One Week. It was a simple poem at first, then I added the fancy and decided there was going to be mini poems in one! Read More
Emily Drew is a new girl who lives in Canada. Emily moves from Vancouver to Sundre, and as her mom goes on a business trip, Emily is a grade 9 freshman finding her way to school every day. Things start to heat up with her and her hott guy neighbour,… Read More

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