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Tho Al-Qarnayn mentioned in the Holy Quran as the Conqueror built a wall to defend against the Gog and Magog. He cornered them off. He also reached the primitive tribe that resembled the Fish-Eaters encountered by King Alexander's expedition at the coastal desert. (image by By Mike Peel, CC BY-SA… Read More
With the death of King Alexander, my assignment as his Mesopotamian multilinguist was over. I didn't want to stay within the circle of his competing generals. I went to my olden UR city. (Image from Read More
I was King Alexander's Mesopotamian interpreter when the expedition departed Amphipolis in April 334 BC. I joined a civilian elite of his campaign, including Aristotle's nephew and the philosopher who called to worship the King. (Image from Read More
Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, and student of Plato tutored the prince until sixteen. Following the assassination of his father Philip II in 336 BC, he took up the throne of the Macedon monarchy at the age of twenty. (Image from Alejandro Magno campaign two battles of Alexander the Great.jpg) Read More

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