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The great city of Cairo or Kaherah among the locals, had been slowly turned into a hub of intergalactic coup d'etat. The humans are being oblivious of the presence of the Ethereal Ones, thousands of years before and living among the humans. Now they want nothing but to conquer Earth. Read More
This is my own interpretation based on the phenomenally hit single, Born This Way by Lady Gaga. I will always cherish and respect the LGBT and those who include themselves in it, because we're all humans created by God, and seriously He makes no mistake! Hope you enjoy. :D Read More
A Parisian ballerina is well-known for her status as a symbol of elegance, poise, perfection and beauty. This leads to the attention of a deadly stalker, one who will not stop in whatever way possible to get his hands on her. She has to think and act fast, before the… Read More
Once we sleep, the body, mind and soul becomes three separate entities. So how do we even distinguish that our dreams are reality and our reality are not merely dreams? a thought to ponder about. :) Read More
In Durban, two French couple is living together among the local South Africans who mostly viewed them as an oddity. They're strikingly beautiful and gorgeous, but as the common sayings goes 'Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder'. They'll learn the price of beauty and the obsession for it… Read More
It has been raining for quite some time in Gaza City and a lady is struggling her best to buy some groceries to prepare dinner for her family. She sensed that the rain is worsening every day and she has to take minor precautions with her umbrella and her indomitable… Read More
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