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Brett Adams is not your average teenager. Exhibit A: Brett Adams IS a GIRL. Exhibit B: She has no friends. Not including the animals she talks to. Exhibit C: Yes. Brett can talk to animals. Maybe thats why shes been in a Psychiatrist unit half her life. Now shes on… Read More

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Alice falls asleep one day during class only to be rudely awakened by an ominous future that is far from fantasy dream lands... Read More
When Ryna Arch and Inca Arreto fight, it's either with harsh words, weapons that belong on the battlefield, or all out fists. It seems that the more they stay together, the more dangerous their relationship becomes. Neither one of them comes to terms with their behavior and their best friends… Read More
**The story after the Twilight saga** Briana Lee Jones a 13 year old ophan, that has just found out she has three months to live, her dad a doctor died just recently and her mom died giving birth to her, can one family have so much bad luck? While at… Read More
"Hey, So how can I start 1. My name is Alice Grace 2. I'm 13 3.This is my diary . . . WAIT please excuse me for using such a gross word, this is my JOURNAL. 4. I'm going to keep this short, simple, and AS nice as I can.… Read More

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Nessie and Jake are best friends but what if Nessie one thinks of himas somthing more. Read More
I don't own the Twilight Saga or its characters. ALL RIGHTS GO TO STEPHANIE MEYER!!!!! When Jasper meets a strange girl on the hunt, things take a turn for the worst. Read More
I do not own Twilight, or its characters. ALL RIGHTS GO TO STEPHANIE MEYER!!! When Maria comes back for Jasper, the Cullens don't panic due to her lack of numbers, but they will be surprised just how evil she could get. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Watch Alice In Wonderland first. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

To Alice, she has the perfect life. She's beautiful, she can have any boy she wants, and, oh yeah, she's a vampire. But Alice's life is rapidly changing and she's forced to make choices she dosent want to make. Can she keep her friends, and herself, alive? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

"Renesmee I would do anything for you, even if it meant that I would die." Edward promised her. After the unexpected accident in Jacob's truck, the Cullens are more frustrated than ever with so many emotions. They all are depressed, angry, and most of all...they want revenge for what Irina… Read More
(Note: This story is based off "Alice in Wonderland", but the characters and how Wonderland functions is different.) Advents in the life of Cheshire while he finds who he is and exactly where he is from. Done in short bits. Okay, so this is my first attempt at chapters/parts/whatever. :/… Read More
Another Roses are red poem about Alice with a slight twist. Read More
alice in wonderland in the queen's point of view. Read More
In a world like the one that we live in, the innocent are brought to life and it doesn't take too long for the blindfold to fall and inform the innocent on the evil. That's what happened to young Alison -- or should I say Alice? -- when she decided… Read More

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Alice White's sister, Rachel, disappeared two years ago on Halloween. Despite their mother's warnings, Rachel had gone into the Haze that surrounds the entrance to Darklight. A chemical explosion had happened in Darklight the year before, and was said to have wiped out all life. When Alice and her best… Read More

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April 06, 2011

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This is a poem about a true story that happened between two of my best friends:) I wrote this rather quickly, but I had to get the idea down:) Read More
The Cullen females become pregnant under the 'Ubertas Luna" (The Fertile Moon): a rare event that only occurs when a vampire with fertility powers is born under a crescent moon, the same shape a vampire bite leaves on its victim. There is no precedence for such a birth, or child.… Read More
After losing a bet with her bestfriend johnson; alice agrees to attend a consert with him only to catch the attention of the bands Asdaylightdies hottest new singer...christopher skyler. Read More
In Your own ... Wonderland... Read More
Exploring the darker side of Carroll's love of little girls... Read More
Emmett was just being himself one day and made the whole Cullen Family lose their allowance for a month! Now they need their money somehow so they sign up for Silent Library. I do not own Twilight or Silent Library. I wrote this for you and my entertainment!! Read More
Alice.. where has your wonderland gone? Melted into the darkness, it waits for you.. Alice.. Come back... Come back into Wonderland. ( CAUTION SPOILERS FOR A FUTURE NOVEL? ) Read More
Kate Heart and young women, finds herself in an enchanted world that is similar to ours. She runs into a man named Jack Spade and eventually the two become close. At this is the evil mayor, M, knows about Kate's presense in his world and will stop at nothing to… Read More
‘Your human, you can feel emotions, fall in love, have children, die of old age. Us angels we are stuck in the flow of time not ageing, not moving forward, living forever, seeing the bad, the good and the damn right evil. You have no idea what it’s like having… Read More

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A modern day Alice in wonderland, Down the rabbit hole follows Ally, an ordinary adolescent girl with dreams for a big future. But that was before she fell down the rabbit hole. Into the dark underworld where drugs and pleasure dominate the corrupt minds and insanity is always around the… Read More
WARNING: THIS WILL BE FUNNY!! Carlisle Cullen gets called in to the principal's office and everything goes down from there. Me: Ya I own that saga with the teenage human girl and the vampire boy who come deeply in love and get married. Stephanie Meyer: Hey that was me! Me:… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

"...The school is on lockdown." These were the first five words to change my life. I'm Alice, your average girl next door. I was a dreamer, a writer, a musician... My best friend was Christine. Sure, my life could have been a lot better, but it could have been a… Read More
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