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Genevieve Lidell is going insane. Or at least that's what everyone else thinks. For the past five years, after her family was tragically killed by a fire, Genevieve has had visions, dreams, and voices attacking her. No one believes her, but many people torment her because of it. When Dodge,… Read More

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December 18, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Taylor Parks was only 5 when her mom died and her sister, Alice was born. But when Taylor finds out that her dad kills her bestfriend/sister, and then kills himself, she feels like her world is useless...Or is it? Read More

Tags: rape, sad, sex, die, gun, mom, dad, alice, taylor

There has never been a better way of describing true love than through a fairytale. Let's just hope we all find our Prince Charmings one day. (Originally called The Fairytale but someone bagged that title before me so I've had to change it.) Read More
Okay so this is my first published Twilight fan fiction, if u like it then keep readin. It is told from the point of view of Bella. WARNING! I have not read all the books so some things miight not be write! I am relying on my friend Alice (isn't… Read More
Yet another play on ALice in Wonderland. It is the tale of the Cheshire Cat after Alice leaves. When a descendant of Carrol commits suicide, the main characters of the original book are transported into the real world with aspects of their fantastical characters integrated into human personalities. Completely out… Read More
Bella Swan finds her self -yet again- in a pool of danger as one of her friends have been kidnapped! How will bella fare when she is all alone and facing an enemy stronger than she may never be? Read More
Emmett decided to make everyone a user for a chat room. Everyone one of them is logged on and they are chatting! Emmett- monkey-man Alice- Tinkerbell Rosalie- Hot @$$ Jasper- Chill-Pill Edward- Eddiekins Carlisle- Daddy Esme- Mommy Little boy- Andy Please comment! :D Disclaimer- I don't own anything of Twilight,… Read More
Hazel Midnight Estrella is 15 and has been for 578 years she has long brown hair, violet eyes and is a vampire her and her family smell and look human but aren't what happenes when the cullen's (from twilight) are in the same school and have a new member name… Read More

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Humor me! Write me a story of a novel. Either way.. It's your job to entertain me! Read More
Maxilean (Max-ah-lean) Kingsleigh is Alice Kingsleigh's 16 year old daughter. She knows how to act like a proper young lady, but much like he mother she hate the restrictions society forces on her. Since she was 13 Maxilean, (commonly known as Maxey or Max.) has been in and out of… Read More
just simply telling someone how you feel can save alot of time. even if its at the last moment Read More

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October 25, 2010

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This is a poem i wrote inspired by one of my favorite shows, dexter. Read More

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October 25, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

What happenes 16 years after breaking dawn in our opinion Read More
Whatever happened to Edward's parents. Could anyone have dreamed that he would meet his 4 little brothers and sisters in the meadow. Or maybe that they were like Renesmee, blessed with being half mortal, half immortal... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Parker is Alice's dog, but there is a problem. What is it? Read More
BELLA never found her true love until high school when she meet this got guy she was never imagine to meet with her twin sisters.but who is this weird guy she never talk to hum! Read More
Short staccato beats that crack open the heart. These poems would appeal to the student and lover of words. Read More
Its the new generation of wolfs and imprints. with the new alpha imprinting on his best friend things cant be easy. Whats the fun in that? (Sequel to Pinky Promise. You don't HAVE to read it but it will help you out with some of the Details.) Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

My view on what would happen after breaking dawn, I own nothing! Stephenie Meyer Owns it all! Read More
Bella didn't know that her great-grandfather was a wizard. neither did she know that her daughter, Renesmee, was a witch. As tragedy strikes in Forks, the vampires and three-year old Nessie have to create an allience with the wizards. After the death of the pack and Jacob, they are removed… Read More
These are my critical thoughts and opinions on the "Twilight" saga. Enjoy. Read More
Its my sequal to Breaking Dawn, I'm not quite finished with it yet. I just uploaded what I have, therefore I can not write a proper summary for it, yet. I apologize. It has all the same characters as before (ex. Bella, Edward, Jacob, Nessie, Alice...) and I have added… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Henna is a werewolf from Florida. She was born in La Push, Washington. One day she goes back for a visit. But the visit turns into a life-changing journey. And it all starts with the Cullens. Read on....this is an adventure you don't want to miss! Read More
This is a ferm and final Twilights versus HP-thing I made while I was half-sleeping. I woke up fully, read it, and posted it. People who feel offended by this simple opinion of mine, should just ... well, GET A L-I-F-E!!! Anyways, here it is! Sorry for spelling-errors, but I… Read More

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These are lyrics for a song (duh xD). My cousin (MysteryGirlRobyyn) asked me to do a song for Alice in Wonderland. She says she might sing it on youtube. If she does I'll post the link of her singing on Booksie. They're not very good but atleast it's something. It's… Read More

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the official novel of my twilight based book. It follows the lives of the Cullens 15 years after breaking dawn Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

ok so renesmee has grone up up and is dating Jacob intil one day her mom and da get into a fight and so when they do get into a fight Bella does not thing that the relationship is going to work out so she leaves. But before she leaves… Read More
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