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A short story about a man in war. Unravel the piece however you wish. There's no one set interpretation. Thank you Read More
Everything revolves around time. A poem inspired by the new Alice In Wonderland movie, Alice Through The Looking Glass. Read More
A poem based on "Alice in Wonderland" which a friend and I worked on in the 10th grade :) Read More
"Seek and ye shall find they say, but they don't say what you'll find." - Cheshire come on a twisted adventure one with danger and excitment around every corner, one where right turns to wrong, where nothing is what it seems, the nightmares that you thought were terrible are nothng… Read More
written by me, a poem inspired by Alice In Wonderland, and dedicated to J.L. sometimes, you just have to run, and paint the roses red instead of white. Read More
This is a poem I had written a few months back about a girl I used to be friends with, but left me after a series of mistakes we made. Funny enough, she did speak to me for a while not too long after this was written, but mysteriously vanished… Read More
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